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Head Teacher's Award

The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 30.11.18

Year 6

Tatum  and Eden- Always showing a positive attitude towards learning and promoting growth mindset

Charlie - For community

Lucia - For her blogging; great ideas and enthusiasm

Ruby and Tejanae - Really great progress with writing this week

Year 5

Ty - For recognising emotions

Lucie - Always trying her best

Zayn - For speaking up more and sharing ideas in class

Shiv - For sharing and applying great knowledge in Maths

Dylan and Jack - For perseverance and resilience with learning particularly in Maths 

Year 4

Josh - Huge praise from Mrs Brown for his Maths in her group

Taran - Growth mindset for his Times tables tests

Zara and Lauren - Always happy. Producing super English work

Maya - Always doing the right thing - great attitude and mindset

Bhavini - Nominated by her peers for always working hard and being amazing during rehearsals

Year 3

Joshua - working independently and confidently in Maths this week

Sophia - For challenging herself in Maths this week

Emily - Working independently and confidently in computing lessons

Caitlyn - For always trying her best and persevering with difficult learning

Charlie  - Perseverance in PE, learning new skills and setting a good example as a Sportsmen

Ava - Always helps another pupil get his things together after PE





The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 23.11.18

Year 6

Arno - For having powerful knowledge

Harry - For his Growth Mindset

Kaash - For great Growth Mindset

Oliver - For showing real independence

Rebecca - For being an amazing support to a new learner

Freya - For lots of positive involvement

Year 5

River - Polite and always eager to challenge herslef, not being afraid to ask when she gets stuck

Shyamali - Always ready to learn and makes good choices

Ted - For playing with others to ensure wellbeing at play

Jasmine - For continued focus and trying hard in all subjects especially Maths

Ciara and Samantha - For showing real growth mindset and determination to achieve

Year 4

Jack - Superb chronological report - really challenged himself

Evie - Putting in so much more effort and making links - growing growth mindset.Keep it up!

Lara and Lily Grace - Super behaviour, always trying their best

Jospeh - Trying hard, better attitude I can do

Lillie-Mae - For her English - really checking learning. Great attitude

Year 3

Jena - Showing confidence in Maths

Thomas - Being supportive to a friend

Ava - For a great improvement in writing, especially instructions

Jessica - For making valuable contributions during jigsaw lessons

Ghaazi - Really persevering in attempting to use all the features taught in English

Eve - Politely helping to look after our classroom, setting an example to all and helping the adults at the same time





The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 16.11.18

Year 6

Aleena and Joshua - Improved growth mindset, perseverance and positive attitude to learning

Chloe - For her interest and enthusiasm in History

Amber - For her English work

Kimberley - Great Maths effort

Conor - For excellent listening and a conscientious attitude

Luke - For great interaction with our class blog

Year 5

Theo and Zara - Showing determination within cross country

Mo - For persevering in the cross country despite falling and hurting his ankle

Harmani - For showing bravery and having a go in cross country

Jake - 1st place in the "Elite" race, a good example of sticking to a plan, digging in and being successful!

Micky - Determination, keeping a high level of work consistently, being kind and understanding

Year 4

Elena - Always polite and ready to learn, a great learning partner

Isaac - Has really stepped up his learning in Maths this week, great listening and always contributing

Phoebe and Francesco - For super work in Maths

Josh and Annie - An improved can do attitude

Tallulah and Josie - Nominated by two class peers

Year 3

Layla - Attempting and persevering in Maths

Mayra - Showing confidence, passion and resilience in Spanish

Iolana - For persevering in Maths and trying her best

Roye - For making valuable contributions to class discussions

Eve and Mia - Both have done really well applying their skills in writing in English

Jack  - Listened carefully then challenged himself to clearly share his knowledge of Remembrance and Christianity with the class







The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 09.11.18

Year 6

Niamh - For fantastic reasoning on Fractions in Maths

Alice and Matthew - Enthusiasm and interest in finding out about their character in History

Amber, Beth and Ethan - Growth mindset and perseverance in Maths

Katie, Ben, Maisie and Fin - Applying what we've learned in History

Year 5

Isabella - Positive outlook and growth mindset in Maths

Marshall - Positive attitude to all class areas

Katie - For being a reflective  and responsible learner. Acting on feedback and giving thoughtful responses

Max - Being resilient, keeping going even when it's hard and managing distractions effectively

Oliver - For hard work in Maths and Reading, showing determination and a postive approcah

Jasmine - For working hard, listening carefully and making improvements to her work as part of her learning.

Year 4

Loretta - Great English learning this week, always has a super attitude to learning

Gerry - A huge improvement in organisational skills and making a real effort to finish leaning in time

Harry - For working really hard in Maths and trying his best. Also bringing work in from home

Charlotte - Always trying her very best

Charlotte - Always polite and working hard

Noah - Trying hard with his writing

Year 3

Jack - For great improvement in listening and concentration. Always ready to learn

Emma -For perseverance and challenging herself in Maths this week

Tristan - For a great improvement in learning behaviour and concentration during independant tasks

Rae - For perseverance. Never giving up in Maths even when she finds it difficult

Toby - For being a wonderful role model.THinking about being ready to learn. a friend to his class and peresevering when practising even tricky things

Amaan - Challenging herself to contribute to class discussions especially in Maths; an incredibly kind friend





The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 19.10.18

Year 6

Jack - For always trying his best

Emily - Trying really hard in Maths, always trying her best.

Lila- Grace and Jasmine - For growth mindsest in writing

Zack  - Great participation in lessons

Aarush - Great ideas contributed in writing lessons

Year 5

Sushan - For challenging himself within Maths

Safiya - For always being ready to learn

Ethan - For making an effort to show politeness and respect to others

Sarah - For making a great effort to look after the classroom and tidy in her own time

Neel - Excellent effort and application in Maths and all learning

Alexandra - Consistent effort in all subjects

Year 4

Eleanor - For always setting a super example to others at all times

George - For his resilience in Art when we made Christmas cards

Skye - Very hard working. Super writing in Theseus and the Minotaur

Georgia - A helpful partner with learning. A mini teacher

Ruby - For her perseverance and always trying hard

Year 3

Lily - Having the confidence to contribute in class and persevering

Chloe - Persevering in Maths and asking for help when needed

Olivia - For coming up with new methods in Maths for problem solving using mental strategies

Dilan - For being independant in his learning and always trying his best

Charlie - For his positive attitude. Listened carefully and persevered in Maths moving up to Gold level

Amy - An excellent attitude to learning. Has been practising her scool learning at home and listening carefully t Mum and us about why it's important to read aloud at home

The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 05.10.18

Year 5

Slava - Challenging herself and going the extra mile

Lasen - Attentive, helpful and kind

Neve - For always working hard

Fiona - For her learning behaviour and focusing

Charlie - Great attitude to work and settling in well with his new class

Elise - Hard working and focusing in Maths

Year 4

Lina - A auper member of the class

Oliver- A really engaged learner

Keavy - For challengin herself in Maths

Alice - For great Thesius writing

Anisa - For super contributions

Aryan - For wonderful Maths and behaviour

Year 3

Nya, Ava, Tom and Callum - Fantastic teamwork whilst making a natural resources picture

Edie - For challenging herself and working independently.

Jayan - For great listening

Marissa and Ava - Always being polite to teachers and pupils and for being really good role models to the class.



The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 28.09.18

Year 6

Dana and Archie - Fantastic behaviour for learning especiallu in Maths

Finlay and Lilia Grace - reading on green screen confidently

Poppy and Ahmed - Fantastic behaviour for learning and engagement in lessons

Daniel - For Home Instead

Year 5

Charlie and Isla - Risk taking and PMA towards learning

Gracie - Doing her best and always ready to learn. She does her job effectively when required

Philip - Has worked hard in class and challenged himself

Freddie - Really good focus especially guided reading

Eliza - An excellent role model

Alexandra - Good effort and repsonse to advice in Ary

Year 4

Emma - Always listening, following instructions. A super learning partner and is making good progress because of her super attitude.

James - Settled in really well and has been a good friend to everybody, especially Mrs Gregg, helping her to remember routines

Amelia - Always ready to learn, always trying her best. Super work during our poetyr topic.

Jake - For his Maths and super listening

Amelie - Great attitude to learning, always questioning

Emily - Superstar

Year 3

William and Darcey - Fantastic work in Maths, challenging themselves, working independently na dcompleting more than expected within the lesson

Emily - For beginning to apply reasoning skills in Maths

Almaan - For working well indedpendently and being a role model for class

Millie and Declan - Always following our Class contract; working hard and being excellent role models to the rest of the class




The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 21.09.18

Year 6

Lauren and Joseph - A positive and mature attitude to the beginning of Year 6

Sambhav - Settled in brillliantly, ran for school council. Well done

Jack - Great attitude and effort

Joe - A really positive, hardworking start to Year 6

Samy - Lots of ideas and contributions in lessons

Year 5

Mia - Always ready to learn by listening carefully

Jack - Always working hard and trying his best

Stanley - Ready for learning trying really hard in all subject areas

Louise - A really strong start to Year 5

Year 4

George - A fantastic start to Year 4, coming in with a smile every day

Ashleigh  - Always ready to learn, always listening and contributing

Oliver- Always ready to learn, good listener and super behaviour

Phoebe and Rebecca - Super Metaphor work in English

Josie - Always ready and motivated to learn

Amy - Shares learning. Always ready to learn

Year 3

Reino, Eliya and Brodie - For always listening and being ready to learn

Violet - For enthusiasm in all learning

Kush - For working independently in Maths and challenging himself

Toby and Jack - For perservering and keeping on practicing with their Maths this week




The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 20.07.18

Year 6

Rhys - For real enthusiasm in the final song

Alec - Captaining of Cricket

Hunaid and Todd - For the final leavers song

Neve - Great effort in singing

James - Real panache in the show

Year 5

Conor - Fantastic work in Science

Samy - Excellent knowledge in Science

Josh - For co-operation and hard work in his DT project

Alex - For his Cornet playing - being very tuneful and skillfull

Kaash and Olivia - For perseverance and determination with problem serving in DT

Year 4

Philip - For showing resilience with Maths learningand for beginning to understand what to do to be part of a team

Fiona, Jack, Rowan and Jasmine - Consistent hardwork and contributions to the class

Lasen and Jibraan - Hard workers, always challenging themselves. Fabulous organisers and PA's

Harry and Joshua - For quietly working and patience with with friends and peers.

Year 3

Charlotte, Edie and Charlie - Perseverance and patience during our sewing. Helping others when they had completed their fish.

Liora, Evie and Ruby - Perseverance and patience during our sewing. Helping others when they had completed their fish.

Freddie, Josh, Nina, Ashleigh and Archer - Perseverance and patience during our sewing. Helping others when they had completed their fish.


The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 17.07.18

Year 6

Sam and Liam - Doing extra work for their holiday projects

Noah - Conscientious attitude to his work

Jake - For great acting

Hayleigh - For her amazing singing

Aaliyah - For wonderful singing

Michael - For learning his line and his enthusiasm

Robert and Michael - For organising the Football match

Deeyana - An all round hardworking pupil who always does her best.

Year 5

Connor and Finley  - On two occasions being very helpful and kind to another pupil; making sure he was calm and happy in an unusual situation

Arno - Great teamwork, organisation, independence and effort in his DT project

Eden - For effort and organisation of her work and learning in class and around school

Maisie - Consistently working hard in all lessons with lots of enthusiasm

Brandon and Lilia-Grace - Always trying hard and excellent listening skills

Year 4

Samantha - Just always a star

Dylan - Trying hard and improving focus

Safiya and Isla - Always consistently working hard across the curriculum

Beatrice - Seeing what is needed and doing it sensibly and responsibly

Fiona- A role model in how to conduct yourself and work hard. Gets along with everyone

Year 3

Adam, Elena, Loretta and Oscar - Being fantastic buddies to Year 2. Answering eustions in a sensible manner. Helping Year 2 and re-assuring them

Francesco - Fantastic Roman day costume

George - Super performance at pushball

Evelyn and Max - For their Art work, their design, patience, attitude and always smiling and confident

The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 20.06.18

Year 6

Isabelle - For enthusiasm in Music

Safaa - For writing an excellent WW2 evacuation letter

Nysa and Maya - For their causes ofWW2 project going above and beyond expectations

Halimah, Lilly and Mishi - For a wonderful write up of the WW2 day

Year 5

Amelie and Luke - For always being focussed and working well

Niamh - For alwasys focussing and working hard

Alice - For working well with others and speaking up in class discussions

Oliver - For a hardworking atitude and giving his best in class

Beth - For enthusiasm and energy in our lessons

Year 4

Katie - For her hard work in tests

Rowan - For representing the class in the Maths competition

Lucie and Slava - For working hard during the Maths day at Shepherd School

Micky and Neel - Super representatives for our school during tht Maths session

Year 3

Anisa and Haroon - Taking and active part in the trip to the Mosque yesterday

Moah and Alisa - For showing interest and repsect at the Mosque and super follow up work

Reece - Super Islamic Art

Zara - For taking an active part in the trip to the Mosque

Maya - Showing respect during the Mosque trip and a super write up

Sophie - For always persevering

Nina - Completing home learning and linking it to school





The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 13.06.18

Year 6

Veeksha - Always being commited and punctual with her monitor job

Christie and Sam - Writing a wonderful recount about our WW2 day

Todd - For sustained effort ie quality of writing this year

Lillla - For showing a lot of promise as an actress

Jack - A great week, considerate behaviour at Thope Park

Robert - For being brilliant at Thorpe Park leading us all to the great rides

Lauren - For interst in History and always asking questions

Year 5

Rebecca - For excellent behaviour and attitude at Phasels Wood

Alayna - For working well with others in play with a calm manner

Sofia - For working well with others

Simone - Being respectful, kind, helpful

William - Always encouraging and supportive of others

Ethan - Lots of enthusiasm and effort in all lessons

Year 4

Max - For being a patient, kind, caring buddy and work partner

Gracie - Consitently working hard and being a lovely member of the class

Shyamali - For making a fantastic Viking fact file

Zara - For always working hard and really trying in Maths

Charlie - Tolerance and sensible attitude and focus

Alexandra - Trying not to make a fuss and being focussed despite distractions
Year 3

Tallula - Peer nomination. For being kind to others, always letting people play and sorting disagreements

Harry - Fantastic listening and working hard in all lesson. Fantastic results in reading test

Oliver - For helping other children before himself and not making a fuss

Annie - For trying her best and thinking about the presentation of her work

Emily and Amelie - For consistent super listening and participation. Excellent role models on the carpet


The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 20.04.18

Year 6

Sam - For working hard and perservering in Maths

Holly and Safaa- For having a great attitude to learning especially in English

Henry - Great attitude to learning

Jack- Really helpful with IT and Maths

Maya - Fantastic work in English

Ella - For real improvement in SPAG

Theo - Improvement in SPAG, fantastic attitude to learning, great effort.

Alice - Great attitude to learning in all areas

Deeyana - For fantastic English

Year 5

Joe - For trying to make improvements in his speed when working

Poppy - Great perseverance in Maths with written multiplication

Mollie- For being responsible for her learning by seeking advice and being helpful in the classroom

Jack - For being a responsible monitor

Jack - Good effort and enthusiasm in Maths

Charlie - For continued hard work and positive attitude to learning

Year 3

Luxshya - For being a repsonsible classroom monitor

Eleanor - Taking responsibility for her learning, listening carefull, well organised, challenges her work.

Archie - Trying his best in English lessons whilst RWI hasn't been on

Lisa - Trying her best to improve her learning and always working very hard in lessons

Evelyn - 22 reads over Easter holidays

Freddie - Good start to the new term with positive learning behaviours

Rebecca - Politeness on Celtic Harmony trip, taking time to thank staff and great enthusiasm on the visit





The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 22.03.18

Year 6

Lilly and Max - Excellent work in Maths

Sakina and Sophie - Excellent descriptive work in English

Halimah - Great Science work

Mei - For being a good friend

Hannah - Being brave in talking about her feelings

Alice - Huge improvement in Maths

Deeyana - Wonderful descriptive writing for Alma

Year 5

Matthew - For working hard and fantastic trumpet playing

Jack - Excellent role model and professional in our performance

Zarah - Making great progress with writing and working hard on sentence types

Freya - Great work on Macbeth writing

Jasmine - For being kind and helpful to classmates

Ethan - For being polite and helpful and being a good role model

Year 4

Beatrice,Louie, Charlie, Mo and Orla - Exceptional work with Mrs Adal in Maths

Khadija - For working hard in English and really trying

Finley - For working hard in general and spelling practice success

Grace - Kindness and supportive to each other

Charlie - Nominated by Year 3

Jake - Making significantly better choices

Year 3

Jack, Reece and Amar - Painting in the style of Van Gogh, observing the shades and shape carefully colour mixing to match the shade

Georgia - Always listening and being a fantastic role model

Jake - Always trying his best

Archer - Positive mindset to learning and avidly reading.

Archer and Rebecca - For politeness, both children thanked their teacher for Celtic Harmony day.

Carla - Super listening and resilience producing wonderful work.




The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 16.03.18


Year 6

Chelsea - For working hard in Maths

Nishka - For always being helpful every day

Sam - Great attitude to learning

Liam -Great understanding of bar modelling in Maths

Josh - Brilliant engagement in Maths and Reading. Scored the first goal for the Football team

Robert  - Maths, great effort

Keira - For Maths shape work, fantastic problem solving

Year 5

Tejanae - For always working hard with everything

Brianna - For alywas being kind, helpful, hard working

Jospeh - Helping others with their learning

Isla and Mollie - Super hard work in Spanish,going beyond waht is expected

Amelie - Consistently working hard, great perseverance

Connie - Lots of enthusiasm and focus in singing rehearsals

Year 4

Zuhair - Really applying himself to assessments and group work, learning from mistakes

Naomi - Really focussing on her learning and being very successful in Maths and spelling

Emily - Super writing in English ( Ice Palace)

Sean - For a super piece of writing in English

Oliver - Making an improved choice of behaviour and became a learning leader this week

Owen - Engaged in Geography and super English. Real enthusiasm for learning



The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 23.02.18

Year 6

Alfie - For an excellent and imaginative giant art piece.

Teddy - For great Maths

Bella - For a huge effort and improvement in Maths

Poppy - Amamzing writing and SATS

Ella - Enthusiasm with Art project and Maths and English

Freddie - For excellent Maths

Neve - WRiting like an author!

Maya, Rachel, Georgia and Hannah - For their progress in Maths

Year 5

Daniel - Making a huge effort with his attitude and behaviour

Connor and William - For kindness;lending their bikes to a friend in need

Ashil - Enthusiasm in singing and attitude towards the performance

Emma - Being kind, picking things up and helping her classmates

Chloe - For overcoming her worries with determination

Kimberley - For a more positive , persevering attitude

Year 4

Beatrice- For her effort in reading, Maths and writing - challenging herself

William - Focused effort and really discussing in detail through conversations and work

Shyamali - Hard worker, super attitude to learning, always happy

Alfie - For his Maths work in challenging himself and a positive outlook

Harry - Quietly working hard in all subjects

Samantha - Helpful, sensible member of the class

Year 3

James - Enthusiasm in English and writing a super playscript

Lily - For her kindness to others

Isaac - For determination to succeed in playscript writing

Chloe - Using resources confidently and independently in Maths

Oliver and Josh - Both boys have independently of each other shown acts of kindness when a friend has been upset this week.







The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 23.02.18

Year 6

Teddy and Georgia- For thinking carefully about contrasting and harmonious colours and using them in their Art.

Callum - Maths, fantastic attitude

Jonah - For homework and improved organisation

Sadie - For her reading, real effort and improvement

Sam and Sam - Nominated by friends, helpful, caring and cheering people up when they feel sad

Jamie - For Geography; fantastic map work of a high standard

Harvey - For his vocabulary in English

Emma - Great work in Science

Year 5

Isla and Ollie - Both for perseverance in Maths while learning about Percentages

Emily - For being honest about her learning

Lauren - Constantly working hard to produce good work

Finlay - For a positive attitude in Maths

Grace - Consistently hardworking in lessons

Year 4

George - Being an excellent role model in touch typing

Michael - Really thinking hard and achieving in Maths this week

Sean - For excellent decimal addition and subtraction

Emily - For always being ready to learn and trying her best

Jake - For being sensible and being much improved in lessons. Making good learning choices, good listening and effort

Lucy - Honesty and working hard. Making neat progress

Year 3

Harry and Daniel- Fantastic work in English this week. Staying focussed/editing their work

Loretta - Contributing in class, working hard in lessons

Enya - Making valuable contributions to class discussions. Always listening and giving ideas.

Chloe - Persevering in English this week

Amelia - Always has a super attitude and seeks to understand the meaning of unfamiliar words. Always works hard

Charlotte - Bubbly, resilient, always shares ideas, is respectful and a hard worker





The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 09.02.18

Year 6

Noah - For his enthusiasm and thoughful questioning on our trip to the Tate modern.

Christie - For her interest and enthusiasm for the Year 6 Art project

Jonah and Sam - Lots of effort in RE, PHSE and with the art project

Harvey and Jamie - Great effort in English and on the Tate trip

Year 5

Poppy and Elena - For talking so openly and honestly about their feelings so we could then solve their problems and make them feel happier

William - Great contributions and feedback in English

Joseph and Isla - Super effort in maths, challenging themselves to go beyond the task

Chevay - For a really good improvement in her approach to school and her learning

Oliver - Determined attitude to learning and repsonding to advice

Year 4

Eva - Really working hard throughout the half term

Michael - Quietly getting on with learning and trying hard with every subject

Harry - For doing some super work with decimals and writing persuasive speech

Olivia - Trying really hard to improve her writing in persuasive speech

Ananya - For Maths work and always trying hard

Year 3

Amy and Joseph - Great limerick work! Always being enthusiastic and caring towards others..Putting 100% effort into everything

Lillie - Mae - Fantastic knowledge and work on the Stone Age

Maya - Taking care over the rpesentation of her work

Olivia - Carefully listening, applying herself, sharing ideas

Phoebe - Shining brightly with her enthusiasm to learn. Actively joining in with everything


The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 02.02.18

Year 6

Rhys - For being helpful around the school and persevering in Maths

Sam - Making excellent progress in Maths

Sam - For how he supported a friend on the playground

Hunaid and Lilla - TWo people who just always do the right thing all the time. Really valued members of the class

Suhali - For excellent science work

Aleya - For great work in English

Maya, Bella and Isobel - For wonderful reading

Year 5

Ben - Showing a mature attitude, especially in Maths

Avni - Consistently working hard and always ready to learn

Mark - Showing a keen attitude to improve his handwriting

Aleena - Excellent presentation in English

Danielle and Oliver - For high standard of presentation and handwriting in all subjects

Year 4

Naomi - Working hard using a sensible attitude to learning

Charlie - Really positive attitude to learning and commitment to class

Cyan - High standard of work in persuasive writing. Working hard and beautiful handwriting

Safiyah - Consistent hard worker

Stnaley - Peserverance with Maths - telling the time

Alexandra - Checking spellings and trying hard

Louise - Perseverance with Maths and Times Tables. Being independant

Year 3

Josie and Elena - Thinking of others before themselves, being kind and considerate

Francesco - Being kind and thoughtful to another member of the class

Ashleigh, Abi and George - For excellent art work and learning behaviour

Keavy - Thoughtful ideas in RE


The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 26.01.17

Year 6

Isabelle - Creating an entertaining and persuasive advert on Audacity

Alec - Writing an infromative diary entry from Charles Darwin's perspective

Kitty and Todd - A really good effort at creating abstract art

Christie - Taking on responsibility in School, being a positive learner, also fantastic art work

Annabel and Alice - Helping with choir tickets

Year 5

Jessyka - For perseverance in Maths challenging herself and making progress with learning

Harrison - For explaining to others how to solve problems

Chloe - For excellent contribution and participation in all lessons

Lillia - Grace - For working hard and being determined to do her best

Ellena - Great contribution in English

Katie - Working really well in Maths

Year 4

Jack - Always spot on with routines, handing things in and doing what he's asked. Really working well in all lessons

Sarah - Great learning behaviour

Lucie - Consistent hard work

Oliver - Consistent hard work

Elise - Just a star. Learning leader

Joshua - For trying hard in Maths

Orla - Perseverance in Maths. Always trying hard

Year 3

Daniel - Great concentration and working hard in all lessons

Lauren - Perseverance in Maths and always trying hard

Luke - Improvement in handwriting and presentation of work

Jake - Excellent work with different shades of powder paint in Art

Harry - Learning behaviour, making lots of effort

Rebecca - Positivity in learning. Showing I can do attitude

Evelyn - Super role model in class

The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 19.01.17

Year 6

Salmi - Recognition of great effort in writing sessions

Evie - Taking responsibility for her Buddy reader and wanting them to do well

Angelina - "perfectionist" and keen scientist

Mei - All rounder, great attitude and sunny outlook is an inspiration to us all

Year 5

Ahmed - Great contributions in English when writing Suspense narrative

Ruby - Perseverance in Mahts

Connor - Kindness and consideration to another pupil

Joseph - For good effort in Maths and taking next steps in elarning. Good perseverance

Brandon - For being an excellent role model and a positive influence on the class

Lucia - For great thinking and contributions

Year 4

George -  For really good focus on all his learning, particularly in Touch Typing.

Ruby - For settling really well and enjoying her learning

Oscar - For working hard and trying in Maths and English

Khadija - For her poetry work

Emilie - Very good English, lovely written work and fantastic enthusiaism for reading

Luke - For being focusssed in Maths


Year 3

Charlotte and Amy - For persevering in Maths and challenging themselves

Reece and Oscar - Making careful observations and asking scientific questions

Aryan and Sam  - Persevering in Meths and challengning themselves

Lauren - Perseverance with column subtraction

Kayden - For Maths and behaviour for learning

Emily - All round everything.Could receive Headteachers award every week. Puts energy and effort into everything she does.



The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 12.01.17

Year 6

Veeksha - For showing exceptional knowledge about animals when the "Animal Man" came to visit.

Isabella - Fantastic contributions in Art

Charlotte - A keen interest in Science this week

Harvey - Working so hard in English

Maya - Indian Dance Club

Year 5

Lara - For her perspective work in Art

Zack - Always tries hard even when things are tricky. Good perseverance

Eden - For persevering with a Maths problem and overcoming it

Archie - For a mature attitude to learning and behaviour

Kaash - For improved effort and engagement

Zayn - For perseverance and determination

Year 4

Katie - Kindness to everyone especially new pupils. Hard work and being very successful

Zuhair - Fantastic start to the New Year, positive attitude, hardworking, super improvements to handwriting

Isabella - For challenging herself in English

Slava - For producing such beautiful work in English

Vidushi - Great Circus skills. Trying hard in Maths

Joshua - Fantastic verbal contribution to English and Maths lessons

Year 3

Charlie and Lina - Challenging themselves in Maths this week

Lille and Zara - Confidence and working independently in Maths

Ira, Carla, Nirman, Amelie and Lauren - Fabulous focus and learning in Maths all week.


The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 15.12.17

Year 6

Evie - For English, fantastic Christmas Market writing

Sam - For Maths

Sam - English and great effort in reading

Nava - Superb writing

Danielle - English, excellent Christmas Market writing

Harvey - Working really hard in Maths

Erin - Great contributions in English

Teddy - Fantastic attitude recently in writing

Year 5

Freya  - For trying her best in Maths this week

Samy - For not giving up on his weaving project even when in a bit of a tangle

Matthew - For great effort in Maths

Naimh - For consistently working hard and listening

Kimberley - For a really positive attitude to learning and school

Jack - For working hard and concentrating in class this week

Kimberley - For a really positive attitude to learning and school

Year 4

Mia - For an outstanding performance and fantastic attitude to direction in the production

Finley - For continuous hard work

Sean - For really challenging himself in English and never giving up

Jasmine - Growing in confidence and contributions to class lessons

Jack - Great learning attitude, always trying hard

Year 3

Emma - Being a very good friend to everyone and caring

Jack - Really positive attitude to learning

Liora, Alice and Ruby - Accurate box making in DT and excellent decoration

Carla - Trying hard in all her work

Evelyn - Finding her voice and working hard

The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 08.12.17

Year 6

Holly, Isabelle and Chelsea - For their blogging, excellent contributors, great writing                             

Fred - Fantastic attitude in Maths lesson

Isabella - Great work in English writing, super work

Jack - Great progress, working hard in Maths.Kind to others

Veeksha - Exceptional attitude in Maths

Halimah - Great progress and attitude in Maths

Rachel - Blurb for suspense books, stunningly good

Henry - Man of the Match in football. fantastic work in English

Year 5

Katie  - Always going the extra mile; helping others in Maths and doing extra work at home

Ahmed - A brilliant explanation in Science of how refraction works

Alayna- Always helping to look after the classroom

Simone - For being attentive and focussed in class

Jasmine - For showing perserverance and determination in class

Lucia - Excellent focus and effort

Year 4

Oscar - Nominated by the Office. Kindness and generosity with a gift that made everyone smiley and happy

Zoya - Super positive attitude to learning. Open minded, enquiring, determined and successful

Dylan - Learning and improving recall of TImes Table

Owen - Stepping last minute for play and announcing beautifully




The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 05.12.17

Year 5

Joe - For his improved effort with his explanation text.

Conor - For his fantastic weaving skills

Manisha and Tatum - For being super helpful and organised assisting Mr Whitelaw with Times tables

Nishan - For being polite and kind, good manners all the time

Rhianna - For being hardworking in all her lessons

Year 4

Harmani and Rowan - Two children who really embody teamwork and the needs of many!

Slava - Brilliant lines in our Christmas play she never forgets what to do or when

Lottie - Very detailed German Christmas Market picture

Stanley - Good choices, good role model

Louise - Good friend to many. Great role model

Year 3

Amar - Always taking an interest in learning, extending learning at home. Always ready for a challenge. Good role model

Skye/Lara - Super use of pastels to create scenes from Coming Home by Michael Morpugo

James - Attitude to learning

Harry - Super effort in writing


Alice, Emily and Joseph - Handing in £10 they found by the Spinney. Very honest.

The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 24.11.17

Year 6

Safaa, Isabelle and Georgie - Giving up lots of free time to make our history poster for the school timeline.Stunning!

Josh and Hattie - Wonderful enthusiasm in our History topic

Nishka - Nominated by friends for being so kind, helpful, wonderful friend

Hannah - Trying hard with handwriting and settling in

Angelina - Attitude to learning, starting to come out of her shell and sharing her talents in class

Noah - Very kind to a classmate and less than 1 second per question on timetable rockstars

Harvey and Kishan - Helping out every day  

Year 5

Aarush - Working very hard on his handwriting

Tejenae - Great effort in Maths, resilient

Emma - For speaking up and helping her friends

Arno - Contributing to work on the History poster in his own break time - Good effort

Beth, Rebecca and Maisie - Really good participation in lessons, lots of ideas and answering questions

Year 4

Fiona and Max - Good listening, really challenging themselves to show they understand

Slava - Using initiative, using same book to read along class book

Sushan - For getting stuck in on his first week here. Great start

Ciara - Helpful,working hard, using initiative

Eduardo - Improving choices of behaviour, talking respectfully, great learning

Year 3

Harry - Being a good friend, looking out for others

James - Independent learning

Vihan - Using handwriting teaching in other subjects

George- Setting realistic targets for behaviour and making an effort

Dominic - Huge improvement in attitude to learning

Josh - Wonderful writing




The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 09.11.17

Year 6

Max and Rhys - Enthusiasm in history, remembering prior leaning and making links

Lauren and Aaliyah - Wonderful Harvest singing solo

Jack - Great attitude during Maths session

Georgia - Maths for endeavour and problem solving

Lily - Great attitude, enthusiasm

Year 5

Connor - For a greatly improved attitude to Year 5

Finlay - For a great explanation in Maths reasoning

Alice- Working well with others sharing/taking turns

Joseph - Excellent focus and contributing to learning by sharing ideas

Chloe  and Amber- Really positive attitude to learning, good concentration and participation

Year 4

Beatrice - Effort and determinationto complete work and make progress

Jack - Really focussing effort and being determined to achieve

Slava - Loveley positive attitude to learning and super work during our non-chron topic

James- Really focussing himself in Maths and English

Alexandra and Lucy - Positive attitude to learning. Both promoting harmony in the playground

Year 3

Haroon - Better attitude to learning

Edie - Better attitude to learning

Oliver and Sophie - Helping others to learn and adults to teach in computing

Max - Super concentration, showing maturity

Sophie - Editing without reminding



The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 06.10.17

Year 6

Safaa, Lily and Georgia - Self portraits in Art, excellent listening and responding

Ella and Nava - Precise artwork

Mishi , Lauren and Thomas - Fantastic contribution to choir and excellent organisation

Thomas - Attitude very positive, mature responses to feedback

Year 5

Poppy - Enthusiastic with all learning, especially in English this week

Rebecca - Great language choices in English this week

Isla and Alayna - For fantastic contributions during Mayan day. Great teamwork

Olivia, Grace and Amber - For being super helpful when tidying up from Art

Oliver - For excellent manners and politeness

Year 4

Jasmine and Shiv - Really focussed learning his week in all areas particularly Maths

Shiv - Asking good questions and being part of the lesson

Sean and Zara - For really trying in their Maths lessons, really pushing themselves

Samantha - Helpful, very organised

Jake - Always contributing to lessons. Very polite

Year 3

Ardam - Working hard all week, finishing all his work

Alisa - Always contributing during lessons,very good representative of the school during road safety visit

Sophie - Fantastic improvement in drawing a portrait

Taran - Always finding ways in which to improve his learning

Charlotte - Setting an excellent all round example in class. Always enthusiastic and ready to learn

George - Excellent listening and puts all his effort into everything he does







The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 29.09.17

Year 5

Amelia - Fantastic Maths; really applying what she has learnt

Amelie, Ruby and Luke - Made fantastic improvements to 2nd attempt of painting a portrait

Jack - ready to learn and being independent in his learning

Dana - Great partner work in writing

Connie - For being positive and helpful to the whole class

William - For a positive and enthusiastic approach in English

Year 4

Muhammed and Rio - Polite and both making a huge effort with learning

Ethan - Great answers, hands always up, challenging himself

Finley - Always ready to learn

Amy - Super writing in Myths

Orla - Working hard especially in Maths

Charlie, Elise and Micky - Star role models, learning leaders in class

Year 3

Luxshya - Always ready to learn, challenges herself

Lily-Grace - Challenging herself in Maths

Archie - Perseverance and always trying his best

Lisa - Sharing knowledge in Spanish

Freddie - Settling in and improving focus

Nina - Helping others, responsible and a kind friend to a new member of class. Baked for MacMillan



The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 15.09.17

Year 6

Safaa  - Outstanding science work

Alfie and Alec- Really great poetry

Sam - Brilliant writing this week

Jake -Excellent work and maturity

Sophie - Excellent science work

Mihail and Sam- Excellent attitude and contribution

Year 5

Sean and Maryam -For settling so well into Little Green. They are both very hard working and participate in all lessons

Lauren - Being very helpful as a monitor, communicating and being very responsible

Mollie - Being helpful and kind in class by cleaning the whiteboard and helping others learn

Charlie - For a determined and hardworking attitude to learning

Ethan - For a positive and enthusiastic approach to learning

Year 4

Ethan - Really listening to instructions and challenging himself

Emma - Super all round, helpful, supportive, challenging herself in all learning

Jibraan - Always has his hand up to answer a question.Hard worker in Maths

Emily - Fantastic simile work

Neel and Vidushi - Quietly industrious learning, very conscientious, good quality work. Great contributions to lessons

Year 3

Tallulah - Always ready to learn. Listens carefully. Good role model

Anisa - Always has her hand up to answer, works hard

Taran - Excellent contributions to class discussions and supporting other members of the class

Jake - Always sensible and has a great attitude towards his learning

Archer - Super role model, actively learning

Amelia - Found new beginnings a challenge. now more settled and trying hard





The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 08.09.17


Year 6

Annabel - Great start, polite organised and great listening

Teddy - Impressive attitude in Maths

Fred and Isabel - Very strong start to Year 6. Good role models,well done. Showing interest in learning.

Pati - Conscientiously completing science in own time

Amy - Enthusiastic, helpful, beautiful manners.

Mishsi - Consistently contributing to discussions in English

Year 5

Isla and Conor - For challenging themselves in Maths this week

Harry - For helping Mr Whitelaw settle into school by bringing the register promptly

Sofia and Matthew - For collobarating excellently to perform a poem

Amber and Finlay - For being helpful  and supportive to help the class run smoothly

Year 4

Sienna - Really kind and caring for her buddy and people in Aspen class.

Ted - Hard working, friendly and trying hard in all lessons

Harry - Hard worker, keen learner, super poetry

River - Super work in History and Geography

Mickey and Grace - Super contributions to classes and learning behaviour

Year 3

Luke  and Eleanor - Great start to year 3. Good listening and independant learning

Gerry - For always being polite and listening well

Annie - Following instructions and working well

Bailey and Amelie - Super start. Good listeners and independant learners. Sharing their ideas



The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 07.07.17

Year 6

Farren - Support with props

Lucie, Maddy and Hannah - Hard work on props

Joshua - Continued endeavour

Mischa - Hard work in Year 6

Erin - Help with props, choir and Brass

Year 5

Suhali - Respect, great start at Little Green

Mei - Always cheerful and respectful to all adults and children alike.

Sadie - For additional learning outside school

Todd - For increased speed in the writing process

Nishka and Evie - Looking out for others and taking care of them

Year 4

Alayna - Outstanding line leading back from the river

sofia - Patience with people

Emma - Learning to be patient with herself when learning is tricky

Mark - Enthusiasm for learning

Zayn - Fantastic effort in listening and following class rules and instructions

Chloe - Fantastic effort in listening and following class rules and instructions and always supportive to peers, a happy cheerful person

Oliver and Connor - Great writing for play scripts and blogs. Good participation during sports week

Year 3

Katie and Emma - Working really hard on their explanation texts for their buddy books

Finley - Excellent feedback from other staff re behaviour.

Jasmine - Positive attitude to learning

Alfie, Ethan and Kurian - A great deal of patience and cooperation in DT when making their 'moving monsters' this week





The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 16.06.17

Year 6

Bertie and Sam- Excellent writing and self checking and editing work independently

Eloise and Conor - For great Science work

Keith and Caitlin - For their excellent writing

Zach - Amazing all round sportsman

Year 5 

Laiqah - Amazing sentences. Home learning of high quality, transferred learning from school

James - Outstanding writing in English

Hunaid and Nysa - For outstanding commitment to their learning

Safaa - Good ideas and communication

Year 4

Callan - Really being aware of work and asking for help, offering answers.

Matthew - Perseverance, really works himself hard in every lesson. Fabulous manners

Chloe - For being diligent and taking pride in her work

Finley - For beginning to make good choices and completing his tasks independently

Katie  and Avni - Always working really hard, showing great attitude to their work

Year 3

Oliver - For really trying to listen and concentrate more

Jaiden - Fantastic behaviour/attitude to learning at the Mosque. asked great questions. Great ambassador for the school and class

Eloise - Fantastic all rounder

Ananya and Oscar - Brilliant Maths!

Eloise - Fantastic all rounder, hard worker

The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 09.06.17

Year 6

Ben - Real interest in guided reading

Isobel - For resilience

Josh - For written work of high quality

Reyan - For excellent writing

Lily and Katherine - History poster and high quality presentation

Eva - For her ration book

Thomas - Initiative and helpfulness

Oliver - Writing comprehension and excellent achievement

Michael - Super writing

Year 5

Pati - Thoughtful comments and mature contribution to circle time

Archie - Always relied upon for thoughtful comments

Kitty-Mae and Maisie - For an outstanding pieces of writing on The Highwayman

Teddy and Chelsea - really good participation in lessons this week

Henry - real focus on learning, especially since half term. Beautiful presentation in Geography

Year 4

Dana and Simone - Good involvement in all lessons and high quality responses orally and in written work

Charlie and Beth -Wrote a really good legend in guided reading. I was amazed that they wrote a whole story in a short reading session.Budding authors!

Amelia and Zack- Always hardworking and carrying on with their work. Great role models for the rest of the class.

Year 3

Lucy and River - Hardworking, listening, thinking about their learning.

Ted - For excellent writing

Beatrice - For the Big Write

Oscar, Emma and Emilie - ForImage Theatre Work




The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 12.05.17

Year 6

Martha - For her Maths and poem

Tierney - For excellent work in Maths

Lucie and Maddy - Great focus and concentration in Maths

Adam - Excellent effort and motivation in Maths

Lillie  - Great History effort

Madina - brilliant observation during History

Cameron - For great Maths work

Lewis - For his writing. Fabulous effort and work this week

Olivia - Showing great initiative

Year 5

Thomas and Emma - Tolerance of working with each other sensibly

Erin and Jack- For an outstanding attitude towards their learning

Christie, Lilly and Max - Great participation and involvement in lessons

Year 4

Alice - Excellent attitude to learning, asks for help and always tries hard

Joseph - Excellent attitude to learning and class work, insightful comments

Rebecca and Poppy - Both worked really well in writing this week. Planning and editing carefully and wrote really good letters

Year 3

Isabella - For really listening well and concentrating on her work until she has finished

Orla - For always doing the right thing

Eliza - Improved focus and challenging herself

Lucie - Thoughtful response to text about characterisation

Dylan - improved homework; acting on advice

Zara - Conscientious, works hard in all lessons



The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 05.05.17

Year 6

Holly and Darcy - History poems. Both have a positive attitude to school. Impeccable behaviour

Isobel - Showing kindness

Chloe and Archie - Poems of a very high quality and being supportive of others

Oliver - Showing kindness. Excellent short story

Joshua - Great Maths work

Maddy and Zahra - Excellent Maths work

Year 4

Jack - Perseverance in Maths

Josh - Showing expert knowledge about erosion in Geography

Lucia - Being polite and kind. A pleasure to teach

Aarush - Working really hard on times tables, practicing at home and a big improvement

Zarah - Always working hard and putting in best her best effort, kind and always helping classmates

Year 3

Alexandra - Always trying her hardest, sharing ideas with others

Louie - For trying very hard to concentrate and get on with work

Beatrice, Ted, Max and Finley - Fantastic effort in maths. 'I can do this' self belief and confidence

Emma and Jasmine -Great performance in poetry



The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 28.04.17

Year 6

Sam - For History

Lucie - SPAG trying so hard

Maddy - Attitude to learning

Dylan - Resilience in learning

Lewis, Phoebe and Olivia - High quality acrylic painting

Year 5

Aleya - Good partner working

Kiera - Super effort with learning and partner working

Poppy - For always working hard and producing her best effort in lessons

Maya - For outstanding attitude towards her learning

Ellen - For supporting others in her class

Madine - For Grammar

Year 4

Roisin - Has had a great year, always very polite and enthusiastic. Puts best effort into everything.

Jack - Having a mature attitude during the Swanage trip

William - Positive approach to Maths and challenging himself more

Ciaran - Always positive, bringing in his 'A@ game to everything we do. A super moral compass

Eden - Maths progress and achievement

Jessyka - For really persevering in Maths

Year 3

Orla and Jack - Positive attitude and perseverance in Maths lessons

Mickey - Always working hard, lovely presentations, always good manners

Zoya and Zuhair - For their contributions in RE that helped us all to learn in our lessons

Owen - Challenged himself. Felt really proud

Max - Growing in confidence. Asking questions improving learning

Sofia,Mohammed,Khadija and Jibran - Growing in confidence, asking questions to improve learning.







The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 21.04.17

Year 6

Lucas and James - For writing

Jake - Putting in real effort

Maite - Incredible reading aloud

Hermione - For Geography

Katherin - Great writing

Gemma - For Maths

Layla - For Edward Jenner work

Year 5

Mishi - Responsibility and completing Geography task

Archie - Focused. responsibility with learning

Jack - Really helped the teacher on the computer. Always respectful and well behaved when being taught.

Bea - Lots of enthusiasm and effort in all lessons

Alfie - Excellent listening and attention

Year 3

Isla - Really impressed the teacher by writing lots of fronted adverbial sentences in English. Always attentive and listens well.

Beatrice - Fantastic Maths

Oliver - Fantastic Maths

Sean - Taking responsibility for his learning

Ed - Super positive attitude acting on next steps.



The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 24.03.17

Year 6

Josh, Isobel and Hannah - For their poems

Jake - Excellent attitude to learning

Charlotte - For Maths

Year 5

To the whole of Year 5 for a great show!

Year 4

Archie - outstanding work in Geography

Eden - A real concerted effort in Maths, challenging herself, achieving well.

Finlay - Excellent effort and challenge in Maths

Olivia- Great listening skills and improvement in writing across the curriculum

Ben - Excellent in Cornet lessons

Anna - Great attitude to all her learning

Year 3

Isla - Hard working

Kaspian - Always being prepared and hardworking

Safiya - For super Maths work and always trying her best

Gracie - For super Limerick work

Emma and Jake - Comets efforts

Ananya and Oscar - Super learning

James, Shymali and Dylan - Maths and attitude to learning

Niamh and Kaspian - Plant sale



The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 10.02.17

Year 6

Lucas -Making a real effort with Maths

Henry - Making a real effort with Maths

Katherine - Great writing cross curricular

Lilly - Patience and perseverance working with others

Jake - Maths achievement and great effort with his English

Reyan - English writing

Eloise - showing more confidence

Year 5

Lauren - Outstanding effort in all subjects

Aaliyah - For outstanding writing

Evie and Alfie - Great enthusiasm and energy during performance poetry group  work

Lilly - Perseverance with spelling and Maths

Halimah - Perseverance with Maths and trying hard

Neve - Fantastic role model in Rockets, great team worker

Year 4

Harrison - Positive attitude and improved effort over the half term

Chloe, Chloe and Danielle - Fantastic persuasive speech about the messy classroom

William and Conor - Great effort and good contributions to whole class for our messy classroom big write

Year 3

Katie - Perseverance in Maths this week

Harry - Being kind and helpful to others

Max - For working hard during Maths intervention and reading more at home

Jack - Always gives 100% and always happy

Zara and Jasmine - Confidence and great Maths and English work this week

Kaspian - Fabulous Kaleidoscope and impressive use of scientific language

Joseph - Nominated by Conor for determination and self belief at Athletics tournament





The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 03.02.17

Year 6

Dominic - ICT expert, supporting others

Scarlett - Organisational skills

Liam - Amazing effort with handwriting

Adam - Great week in school

Georgia - English writing

Layla - Helpfulness

Year 5

Robert - For working hard in English

Naven - For outstanding commitment to her learning

Charlotte - For outstanding effort in Maths

Rhys - For persevering with challenging Maths and English

Teddy - For a determined positive attitude in English

Year 4

Archie - Real commitment and determination at Indoor athletics event

Alice - Hard working, reliant. A great person to be in class

Nishan - Great sportsmanship during indoor athletic.

Joe - Worked really hard this term on improving all his work and meeting his targets.

Year 3

Louise - Doing work at home whilst recovering at home

Orla - Always trying her best and becoming more confident

Oliver F - For working hard in English

Oliver C - For working hard in English

Sean - English and Handwriting

Stanley - For English



The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 20.01.17

Year 6

James and Farren - Excellent writing

Conor - Super writing

Libby - reading contributions

Jessica - Super ideas in writing. Pleasure to teach

Year 5

Jamie - such improvement in attitude , confidence and having a go

Deeyana - Great persuasive writing, good contribution to lesson, motivated learning

Jonah - For an improved attitude towards his learning

Liam - For showing perseverance and determination

Rachel - For taking her learning  on beyond the classroom

Year 4

Joseph and Isla - Consistent performance across all lessons and improvements to handwriting

Nathan - Improved attitude towards school and trying to write more independently.Perseverance against the norm

Samy and Tejane - Really good reading

Year 3

Philip - For making an improved effort with friendships

Cyan - For an improved effort with all work

Harmani - A good all rounder, positive attitude to learning.

Jaiden - For super Maths work with Fractions

Sarah - Super English work and concentration

Michael - Science contributions, concentration. Eco Councillor.







The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 13.01.17

Year 6

Noah and Isobel - Contributions to evolution learning

Ben and Liam - Contributions to Science and History

Caitlin - History contributions

Dylan - Very mature and looking out for early people

Maddy - Improvement in reading

Jack - English and Maths - working hard

Year 5

Sophie - Super attitude to learning, helpful to absent peers and supporting their learning

Lauren - Looking out for good learners, always working hard

Bella - For commitment to learning in Maths

Josh- For building links in History

Isabelle and Bella - Enthusiasm, asking and answering lots of questions in all lessons

Year 4

Emily - Patience with herself and others and perseverance with work

Brandon - Dedication to improve his handwriting

Carole - Gaining in confidence and contributions to class discussions

Anna and Zarah - Hard work in Maths as well as other lessons

Year 3

Zuhair - excellent powerpoint on volcanoes and helping others

Olivia - For working really hard on her powerpoint work

Jake - For always putting his hand up

Amy - For trying hard in Maths

Marshall and Neel- Growing confidence and participation and Music




The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 06.01.17

Year 6

Hannah and Lucie - DT, evaluating, persevering to solve problems

Eva and Eloise - Solving problems in DT without fuss

Phoebe and Sophie - DT, working systematically with precision and care

Grace and Peter -  Problem solving

Year 5

Amy and Alice - Fantastic Geography Map Skills and partner working.

Ella - For an outstanding piece of writing on how Santa really works

Josh - For dedication to learning

Veeksha and Safaa - For really developing your writing skills last term

Year 4

Jessyka - Really good settling to the new term and an amazing maze design

Danielle and Chloe - Always trying their best, great listening skills

Katie and Finlay - Always working hard in all lessons

Year 3

Zoya and Isabella - Hard working and always tries her best

Jack - For always trying his best and working hard

Safiyah - Trying her best and working hard

James - Choir and Christmas play contributions and no strikes

Charlie - Christmas play, gym contributions and having a dream/ambition - ballet.


The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 09.12.16

Year 6

Martha - Superb writing on complaint letter

Joshua - Writing ideas and attitude

Erin - Writing of high quality

Lily - Anti - Smoking poster

Cody - General improvement throughout the term

Lewis - Pleasure to teach

Year 5

Alice - Excellent piece of writing

Harvey - Fantastic effort with fractions in Maths

Maisie - Fantastic role model for her peers

Charlotte - outstanding effort in Maths

Bella - Determination to improve her writing

Georgia - Creative and imaginative ideas

Alec - Enthusiasm for improving his writing

Year 4

Alex and Lauren - Outstanding attitude to all aspects of rehearsing for Christmas Reproduction

Amber - Fantastic improvement in behaviour and attitude

Ben - Tae kwon do presentation and always contributing co class discussion

Ellena - Excellent effort in lessons especially English

Year 3

Rio and Oscar - For making excellent picture frames in DT

Mia - PowerPoint on Volcanoes

Jibraan - Always ready to learn. Good and positive attitude to learning.

Orla and Eduardo - Super hardworking members of class

The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 02.12.16



Tom - Enthusiastic and engaged guided reading

Ben - Superstar in Maths

Henry and George - Stood out in Art

Katherine- Amazing flair in writing

Thomas - Excellent work in Maths

Roxy- Effort in PE to include other children


Angelina - Super conscientious learning, always doing above the expected amount

Mishi - Trying hard in all lessons and spellings

Emma - Super conscientious learning

Kitty - For being outstanding and resilient in all aspects of her learning

Alec and Sakina - For a positive attitude to learning and a willingness to help others learn.


Simone and Arno - For positive attitude and effort

Grace - Great listening skills across all subjects.

Lilia - Fantastic effort with presentation of work. Handwriting.

Isla - Great work in Maths

Roisin - Put great effort in this week even when finding it tricky.


Emma - Super writing this week

Luke - Great perseverance

Ciara - For super work on our Fairytales topic

Sienna - For always trying her best

Emily - Cheerful member of class, diligent worker

Joshua - Contribution to our English and History lessons in particular.Persevering with challenges.







The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 25.11.16


Year 6

Mohammed - excellent complaint letter and anti bullying poster

Josh, Zack and Bertie - excellent questions and maturity

Erin - writing an excellent complaint letter

Jake - showing a growing love of Maths

Gemma - writing an excellent complaint letter

Zahra - great effort in Maths

Cameron - very mature interest in Science


Year 5

Robert - super scientist

Maya - great maths and confidence

Alice - trying really hard

Jack O'R-W - for having a fantastic week and settling into life in Larch Class

Nava and Hayleigh - for outstanding writing

Sam - for a determined effort to improve his hand writing and spelling

Rhys - involvement in group work, lots of enthusiasm

Chelsea - contributing lots of great ideas in lessons


Year 4

Josh - really listening to advice in English and making a real effort to do what is asked

Mollie and Manisha - achieve  in promoting harmony and helping peers with resources.

Oliver - improvement in concentration and trying his best and challenging himself

Luke and Lara - consistently working hard in all lessons

Joshua - always focused - trying hard to improve homework, growing in confidence n class

Emma - super Maths work, helps peers

Beatrice - trying her best all the time

Freddie - positive attitude to peers

Eva - happy and settled, super contribution to our learning in English and Maths

Jack - takes all challenges in his stride. Calm and considerate





The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for 18.11.16


Year 6

Farren - beautiful presentation in R.E

Maisie - perservered with long multiplication

Liam and Adam - for work in Science

Jack - for RM Maths

Maddy and Ruby - Maths effort and practise

Thomas  - excellent delivery of speech to audience

Lewis - mature attitude in PSHE


Year 5

Harvey - Super helpful and grown in confidence

Lilly - super effort with learning

Danielle and Maya - for super focus in all lessons

Noah - for working hard to be polite and use good manners

Bea, Isabelle and Poppy - for being supportive towards classmates and helping with their learning


Year 4

Harry - super work in Maths

Ashil - really listening well working hard and showing they are acting on his feedback

Nishan and Rhianna - super listening in all lessons

Aarush - big effort and improvement in his work

Ruby - more participation and confidence in class


Year 3

Ethan - super Maths across the board

Eliza - super English on 'How to make a good friend'

George - making real progress with concentrating on and contributing to our class work

Slava - all round star. Share her ideas, helps her teachers, extends her learning and always smiling


The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/c 14.10.16


Year 6

Maddie - sees things that need doing and does them. Very helpful

Bertie - Politeness all the time, naturally

Alexandra - sustained effort in all subjects

Layla and Grace - music help

Cameron - politeness


Year 5

Archie - super star - responds to a challenge and wants to extend his learning, always contributes sensibly to lessons.

Mei - good helpful advice to others in circle time using a polite manner.

Harriett  and Maisie - for outstanding attitude attitude towards her learning and school life.

Alice - lots of enthusiasm and interaction in lessons

Sophie - doing extra drawing practise at home to develop her skills.


Year 4

Sofia - great role model.

Alex and Matthew - cornet modelling

Chloe - fantastic labyrinth made at home.

Chloe - politeness

Rebecca and Amelia - consistently working hard and being excellent examples to the whole class.


Year 3

Micky - always polite and shows responsible attitude.

Shiv - superb work in maths and can always be relied upon to do the right thing.

Jasmine - fantastic manners and behaviour. Always ready to learn.

Ted - super Maths work

Sean - really trying hard in English and Maths. Not letting others distract him. Polite

Emilie - progressing her own learning in Maths by listening carefully  to teacher. Trying hard not to interrupt.



The following children have received the  Head Teacher's Award for w/c 7.10.16


Year 6

 Joshua and Ben - for working collaboratively on a poster during 'Distractions Day'.

Hermoine, Georgia and Maite - working together as a team.

Gemma - grown in confidence

Zac - modelling good writing skills


Year 5

Archie - always setting a good example for others in the class

Neve - working hard and showing a positive attitude towards her learning.

Kitty - for generating creative sentences in her 'Robin Hood' writing.

Lilla  - for fantastic work in her Maths.

Sam - a really positive attitude to learning and good focus in lessons.

Rachel - extending her learning by doing extra at home.


Year 4

Archie  - really positive attitude to learning, able to discuss/ accept good work and problems.

Niamh - consistent attitude and effort, listens carefully and works very hard.

Grace - super manners and always saying thank you!  Always willing to help around the classroom.

Joe - great work in English.

Freya - great effort in Maths.


Year 3

Isla - always ready to work, focussed and follows instructions.

Theo - has been a good friend and is supportive to his peers.

Harry - fantastic writing- Fables

Elise - fantastic attitude to learning.

Sarah - super learning in Maths and improved concentration.

Rowan - learning behaviour of the month - politeness. Calmly waits for help, speaks politely to all and good manner all the time.






The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the week ending 23.9.16


Year 6

Reyan & Kyaal - diligence in Maths taking a challenge and working hard at it

Hermoine & Toby - Diligence

Dylan - science effort/ having a go/ concentration

Lewis - Science mind map

Cody - Maths - extra  effort


Year 5

Harvey - attitude to learning, excellent Maths homework

Mishi - consideration for other , helping  others with their work and producing high level of work in all subjects

Hayleigh & Joe - for outstanding commitment toward their learning

Holly - always focused on her learning, good listening in lessons

Sam P - really keen and focussed this week


Year 4


Callan - really sticking with Maths work, good resilience and effort in pushing himself

Mollie - helping others learning by checking resources. Working really diligently

Oliver - fantastic contributions to Maths/English

Lilia-Grace - not giving up on work which  she found difficult

Samy - excellent effort in his work

Zack - excellent effort in poetry and guided reading


Year 3

River & Alexandra - excellent listening to instructions in ICT

Khadija - always trying in Maths

Lasen - always ready to work

Alfie - challenging himself /independent learning

Ethan - good listener/excellent learning









The following children have received the Head Teacher's award for the week ending 16.9.16

Year 6

Jag  - for being great company and genuinely appreciative.


Year 5

Sophie  - super supportive to another child and concientious

Amy - fun response in guided reading and maths decimals

Erin - outstanding work ethic

Jake - outstanding and work ethic

Bea - for keeping going when the Maths got tricky

Sam V - for being really helpful and listening well to instructions


Year 4

Harrison - good learning and work in Reading and Maths

Jack - showing great learning behaviour

Kimberly & Finlay - Perseverance. Great attitude to approaching difficult learning. Staying in at break to finish off work

Connor & Ahmed - always working hard during lessons and doing more than necessary


Year 3

Charlie & Charlie - for excellent effort in ICT and sharing their knowledge and skills

Samantha - for fantastic work in Maths and great listening skills

Max - for always trying his best

Naomi - being a good friend and role model

Emma - constantly challenging herself and stretching her learning

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