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We hope you have an enjoyable Half Term. School resumes on Monday 19th February.

Head Teacher's Award

The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 02.02.18

Year 6

Rhys - For being helpful around the school and persevering in Maths

Sam - Making excellent progress in Maths

Sam - For how he supported a friend on the playground

Hunaid and Lilla - TWo people who just always do the right thing all the time. Really valued members of the class

Suhali - For excellent science work

Aleya - For great work in English

Maya, Bella and Isobel - For wonderful reading

Year 5

Ben - Showing a mature attitude, especially in Maths

Avni - Consistently working hard and always ready to learn

Mark - Showing a keen attitude to improve his handwriting

Aleena - Excellent presentation in English

Danielle and Oliver - For high standard of presentation and handwriting in all subjects

Year 4

Naomi - Working hard using a sensible attitude to learning

Charlie - Really positive attitude to learning and commitment to class

Cyan - High standard of work in persuasive writing. Working hard and beautiful handwriting

Safiyah - Consistent hard worker

Stnaley - Peserverance with Maths - telling the time

Alexandra - Checking spellings and trying hard

Louise - Perseverance with Maths and Times Tables. Being independant

Year 3

Josie and Elena - Thinking of others before themselves, being kind and considerate

Francesco - Being kind and thoughtful to another member of the class

Ashleigh, Abi and George - For excellent art work and learning behaviour

Keavy - Thoughtful ideas in RE


The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 26.01.17

Year 6

Isabelle - Creating an entertaining and persuasive advert on Audacity

Alec - Writing an infromative diary entry from Charles Darwin's perspective

Kitty and Todd - A really good effort at creating abstract art

Christie - Taking on responsibility in School, being a positive learner, also fantastic art work

Annabel and Alice - Helping with choir tickets

Year 5

Jessyka - For perseverance in Maths challenging herself and making progress with learning

Harrison - For explaining to others how to solve problems

Chloe - For excellent contribution and participation in all lessons

Lillia - Grace - For working hard and being determined to do her best

Ellena - Great contribution in English

Katie - Working really well in Maths

Year 4

Jack - Always spot on with routines, handing things in and doing what he's asked. Really working well in all lessons

Sarah - Great learning behaviour

Lucie - Consistent hard work

Oliver - Consistent hard work

Elise - Just a star. Learning leader

Joshua - For trying hard in Maths

Orla - Perseverance in Maths. Always trying hard

Year 3

Daniel - Great concentration and working hard in all lessons

Lauren - Perseverance in Maths and always trying hard

Luke - Improvement in handwriting and presentation of work

Jake - Excellent work with different shades of powder paint in Art

Harry - Learning behaviour, making lots of effort

Rebecca - Positivity in learning. Showing I can do attitude

Evelyn - Super role model in class

The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 19.01.17

Year 6

Salmi - Recognition of great effort in writing sessions

Evie - Taking responsibility for her Buddy reader and wanting them to do well

Angelina - "perfectionist" and keen scientist

Mei - All rounder, great attitude and sunny outlook is an inspiration to us all

Year 5

Ahmed - Great contributions in English when writing Suspense narrative

Ruby - Perseverance in Mahts

Connor - Kindness and consideration to another pupil

Joseph - For good effort in Maths and taking next steps in elarning. Good perseverance

Brandon - For being an excellent role model and a positive influence on the class

Lucia - For great thinking and contributions

Year 4

George -  For really good focus on all his learning, particularly in Touch Typing.

Ruby - For settling really well and enjoying her learning

Oscar - For working hard and trying in Maths and English

Khadija - For her poetry work

Emilie - Very good English, lovely written work and fantastic enthusiaism for reading

Luke - For being focusssed in Maths


Year 3

Charlotte and Amy - For persevering in Maths and challenging themselves

Reece and Oscar - Making careful observations and asking scientific questions

Aryan and Sam  - Persevering in Meths and challengning themselves

Lauren - Perseverance with column subtraction

Kayden - For Maths and behaviour for learning

Emily - All round everything.Could receive Headteachers award every week. Puts energy and effort into everything she does.



The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 12.01.17

Year 6

Veeksha - For showing exceptional knowledge about animals when the "Animal Man" came to visit.

Isabella - Fantastic contributions in Art

Charlotte - A keen interest in Science this week

Harvey - Working so hard in English

Maya - Indian Dance Club

Year 5

Lara - For her perspective work in Art

Zack - Always tries hard even when things are tricky. Good perseverance

Eden - For persevering with a Maths problem and overcoming it

Archie - For a mature attitude to learning and behaviour

Kaash - For improved effort and engagement

Zayn - For perseverance and determination

Year 4

Katie - Kindness to everyone especially new pupils. Hard work and being very successful

Zuhair - Fantastic start to the New Year, positive attitude, hardworking, super improvements to handwriting

Isabella - For challenging herself in English

Slava - For producing such beautiful work in English

Vidushi - Great Circus skills. Trying hard in Maths

Joshua - Fantastic verbal contribution to English and Maths lessons

Year 3

Charlie and Lina - Challenging themselves in Maths this week

Lille and Zara - Confidence and working independently in Maths

Ira, Carla, Nirman, Amelie and Lauren - Fabulous focus and learning in Maths all week.


The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 15.12.17

Year 6

Evie - For English, fantastic Christmas Market writing

Sam - For Maths

Sam - English and great effort in reading

Nava - Superb writing

Danielle - English, excellent Christmas Market writing

Harvey - Working really hard in Maths

Erin - Great contributions in English

Teddy - Fantastic attitude recently in writing

Year 5

Freya  - For trying her best in Maths this week

Samy - For not giving up on his weaving project even when in a bit of a tangle

Matthew - For great effort in Maths

Naimh - For consistently working hard and listening

Kimberley - For a really positive attitude to learning and school

Jack - For working hard and concentrating in class this week

Kimberley - For a really positive attitude to learning and school

Year 4

Mia - For an outstanding performance and fantastic attitude to direction in the production

Finley - For continuous hard work

Sean - For really challenging himself in English and never giving up

Jasmine - Growing in confidence and contributions to class lessons

Jack - Great learning attitude, always trying hard

Year 3

Emma - Being a very good friend to everyone and caring

Jack - Really positive attitude to learning

Liora, Alice and Ruby - Accurate box making in DT and excellent decoration

Carla - Trying hard in all her work

Evelyn - Finding her voice and working hard

The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 08.12.17

Year 6

Holly, Isabelle and Chelsea - For their blogging, excellent contributors, great writing                             

Fred - Fantastic attitude in Maths lesson

Isabella - Great work in English writing, super work

Jack - Great progress, working hard in Maths.Kind to others

Veeksha - Exceptional attitude in Maths

Halimah - Great progress and attitude in Maths

Rachel - Blurb for suspense books, stunningly good

Henry - Man of the Match in football. fantastic work in English

Year 5

Katie  - Always going the extra mile; helping others in Maths and doing extra work at home

Ahmed - A brilliant explanation in Science of how refraction works

Alayna- Always helping to look after the classroom

Simone - For being attentive and focussed in class

Jasmine - For showing perserverance and determination in class

Lucia - Excellent focus and effort

Year 4

Oscar - Nominated by the Office. Kindness and generosity with a gift that made everyone smiley and happy

Zoya - Super positive attitude to learning. Open minded, enquiring, determined and successful

Dylan - Learning and improving recall of TImes Table

Owen - Stepping last minute for play and announcing beautifully




The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 05.12.17

Year 5

Joe - For his improved effort with his explanation text.

Conor - For his fantastic weaving skills

Manisha and Tatum - For being super helpful and organised assisting Mr Whitelaw with Times tables

Nishan - For being polite and kind, good manners all the time

Rhianna - For being hardworking in all her lessons

Year 4

Harmani and Rowan - Two children who really embody teamwork and the needs of many!

Slava - Brilliant lines in our Christmas play she never forgets what to do or when

Lottie - Very detailed German Christmas Market picture

Stanley - Good choices, good role model

Louise - Good friend to many. Great role model

Year 3

Amar - Always taking an interest in learning, extending learning at home. Always ready for a challenge. Good role model

Skye/Lara - Super use of pastels to create scenes from Coming Home by Michael Morpugo

James - Attitude to learning

Harry - Super effort in writing


Alice, Emily and Joseph - Handing in £10 they found by the Spinney. Very honest.

The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 24.11.17

Year 6

Safaa, Isabelle and Georgie - Giving up lots of free time to make our history poster for the school timeline.Stunning!

Josh and Hattie - Wonderful enthusiasm in our History topic

Nishka - Nominated by friends for being so kind, helpful, wonderful friend

Hannah - Trying hard with handwriting and settling in

Angelina - Attitude to learning, starting to come out of her shell and sharing her talents in class

Noah - Very kind to a classmate and less than 1 second per question on timetable rockstars

Harvey and Kishan - Helping out every day  

Year 5

Aarush - Working very hard on his handwriting

Tejenae - Great effort in Maths, resilient

Emma - For speaking up and helping her friends

Arno - Contributing to work on the History poster in his own break time - Good effort

Beth, Rebecca and Maisie - Really good participation in lessons, lots of ideas and answering questions

Year 4

Fiona and Max - Good listening, really challenging themselves to show they understand

Slava - Using initiative, using same book to read along class book

Sushan - For getting stuck in on his first week here. Great start

Ciara - Helpful,working hard, using initiative

Eduardo - Improving choices of behaviour, talking respectfully, great learning

Year 3

Harry - Being a good friend, looking out for others

James - Independent learning

Vihan - Using handwriting teaching in other subjects

George- Setting realistic targets for behaviour and making an effort

Dominic - Huge improvement in attitude to learning

Josh - Wonderful writing




The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 09.11.17

Year 6

Max and Rhys - Enthusiasm in history, remembering prior leaning and making links

Lauren and Aaliyah - Wonderful Harvest singing solo

Jack - Great attitude during Maths session

Georgia - Maths for endeavour and problem solving

Lily - Great attitude, enthusiasm

Year 5

Connor - For a greatly improved attitude to Year 5

Finlay - For a great explanation in Maths reasoning

Alice- Working well with others sharing/taking turns

Joseph - Excellent focus and contributing to learning by sharing ideas

Chloe  and Amber- Really positive attitude to learning, good concentration and participation

Year 4

Beatrice - Effort and determinationto complete work and make progress

Jack - Really focussing effort and being determined to achieve

Slava - Loveley positive attitude to learning and super work during our non-chron topic

James- Really focussing himself in Maths and English

Alexandra and Lucy - Positive attitude to learning. Both promoting harmony in the playground

Year 3

Haroon - Better attitude to learning

Edie - Better attitude to learning

Oliver and Sophie - Helping others to learn and adults to teach in computing

Max - Super concentration, showing maturity

Sophie - Editing without reminding



The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 06.10.17

Year 6

Safaa, Lily and Georgia - Self portraits in Art, excellent listening and responding

Ella and Nava - Precise artwork

Mishi , Lauren and Thomas - Fantastic contribution to choir and excellent organisation

Thomas - Attitude very positive, mature responses to feedback

Year 5

Poppy - Enthusiastic with all learning, especially in English this week

Rebecca - Great language choices in English this week

Isla and Alayna - For fantastic contributions during Mayan day. Great teamwork

Olivia, Grace and Amber - For being super helpful when tidying up from Art

Oliver - For excellent manners and politeness

Year 4

Jasmine and Shiv - Really focussed learning his week in all areas particularly Maths

Shiv - Asking good questions and being part of the lesson

Sean and Zara - For really trying in their Maths lessons, really pushing themselves

Samantha - Helpful, very organised

Jake - Always contributing to lessons. Very polite

Year 3

Ardam - Working hard all week, finishing all his work

Alisa - Always contributing during lessons,very good representative of the school during road safety visit

Sophie - Fantastic improvement in drawing a portrait

Taran - Always finding ways in which to improve his learning

Charlotte - Setting an excellent all round example in class. Always enthusiastic and ready to learn

George - Excellent listening and puts all his effort into everything he does







The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 29.09.17

Year 5

Amelia - Fantastic Maths; really applying what she has learnt

Amelie, Ruby and Luke - Made fantastic improvements to 2nd attempt of painting a portrait

Jack - ready to learn and being independent in his learning

Dana - Great partner work in writing

Connie - For being positive and helpful to the whole class

William - For a positive and enthusiastic approach in English

Year 4

Muhammed and Rio - Polite and both making a huge effort with learning

Ethan - Great answers, hands always up, challenging himself

Finley - Always ready to learn

Amy - Super writing in Myths

Orla - Working hard especially in Maths

Charlie, Elise and Micky - Star role models, learning leaders in class

Year 3

Luxshya - Always ready to learn, challenges herself

Lily-Grace - Challenging herself in Maths

Archie - Perseverance and always trying his best

Lisa - Sharing knowledge in Spanish

Freddie - Settling in and improving focus

Nina - Helping others, responsible and a kind friend to a new member of class. Baked for MacMillan



The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 15.09.17

Year 6

Safaa  - Outstanding science work

Alfie and Alec- Really great poetry

Sam - Brilliant writing this week

Jake -Excellent work and maturity

Sophie - Excellent science work

Mihail and Sam- Excellent attitude and contribution

Year 5

Sean and Maryam -For settling so well into Little Green. They are both very hard working and participate in all lessons

Lauren - Being very helpful as a monitor, communicating and being very responsible

Mollie - Being helpful and kind in class by cleaning the whiteboard and helping others learn

Charlie - For a determined and hardworking attitude to learning

Ethan - For a positive and enthusiastic approach to learning

Year 4

Ethan - Really listening to instructions and challenging himself

Emma - Super all round, helpful, supportive, challenging herself in all learning

Jibraan - Always has his hand up to answer a question.Hard worker in Maths

Emily - Fantastic simile work

Neel and Vidushi - Quietly industrious learning, very conscientious, good quality work. Great contributions to lessons

Year 3

Tallulah - Always ready to learn. Listens carefully. Good role model

Anisa - Always has her hand up to answer, works hard

Taran - Excellent contributions to class discussions and supporting other members of the class

Jake - Always sensible and has a great attitude towards his learning

Archer - Super role model, actively learning

Amelia - Found new beginnings a challenge. now more settled and trying hard





The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 08.09.17


Year 6

Annabel - Great start, polite organised and great listening

Teddy - Impressive attitude in Maths

Fred and Isabel - Very strong start to Year 6. Good role models,well done. Showing interest in learning.

Pati - Conscientiously completing science in own time

Amy - Enthusiastic, helpful, beautiful manners.

Mishsi - Consistently contributing to discussions in English

Year 5

Isla and Conor - For challenging themselves in Maths this week

Harry - For helping Mr Whitelaw settle into school by bringing the register promptly

Sofia and Matthew - For collobarating excellently to perform a poem

Amber and Finlay - For being helpful  and supportive to help the class run smoothly

Year 4

Sienna - Really kind and caring for her buddy and people in Aspen class.

Ted - Hard working, friendly and trying hard in all lessons

Harry - Hard worker, keen learner, super poetry

River - Super work in History and Geography

Mickey and Grace - Super contributions to classes and learning behaviour

Year 3

Luke  and Eleanor - Great start to year 3. Good listening and independant learning

Gerry - For always being polite and listening well

Annie - Following instructions and working well

Bailey and Amelie - Super start. Good listeners and independant learners. Sharing their ideas



The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 07.07.17

Year 6

Farren - Support with props

Lucie, Maddy and Hannah - Hard work on props

Joshua - Continued endeavour

Mischa - Hard work in Year 6

Erin - Help with props, choir and Brass

Year 5

Suhali - Respect, great start at Little Green

Mei - Always cheerful and respectful to all adults and children alike.

Sadie - For additional learning outside school

Todd - For increased speed in the writing process

Nishka and Evie - Looking out for others and taking care of them

Year 4

Alayna - Outstanding line leading back from the river

sofia - Patience with people

Emma - Learning to be patient with herself when learning is tricky

Mark - Enthusiasm for learning

Zayn - Fantastic effort in listening and following class rules and instructions

Chloe - Fantastic effort in listening and following class rules and instructions and always supportive to peers, a happy cheerful person

Oliver and Connor - Great writing for play scripts and blogs. Good participation during sports week

Year 3

Katie and Emma - Working really hard on their explanation texts for their buddy books

Finley - Excellent feedback from other staff re behaviour.

Jasmine - Positive attitude to learning

Alfie, Ethan and Kurian - A great deal of patience and cooperation in DT when making their 'moving monsters' this week





The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 16.06.17

Year 6

Bertie and Sam- Excellent writing and self checking and editing work independently

Eloise and Conor - For great Science work

Keith and Caitlin - For their excellent writing

Zach - Amazing all round sportsman

Year 5 

Laiqah - Amazing sentences. Home learning of high quality, transferred learning from school

James - Outstanding writing in English

Hunaid and Nysa - For outstanding commitment to their learning

Safaa - Good ideas and communication

Year 4

Callan - Really being aware of work and asking for help, offering answers.

Matthew - Perseverance, really works himself hard in every lesson. Fabulous manners

Chloe - For being diligent and taking pride in her work

Finley - For beginning to make good choices and completing his tasks independently

Katie  and Avni - Always working really hard, showing great attitude to their work

Year 3

Oliver - For really trying to listen and concentrate more

Jaiden - Fantastic behaviour/attitude to learning at the Mosque. asked great questions. Great ambassador for the school and class

Eloise - Fantastic all rounder

Ananya and Oscar - Brilliant Maths!

Eloise - Fantastic all rounder, hard worker

The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 09.06.17

Year 6

Ben - Real interest in guided reading

Isobel - For resilience

Josh - For written work of high quality

Reyan - For excellent writing

Lily and Katherine - History poster and high quality presentation

Eva - For her ration book

Thomas - Initiative and helpfulness

Oliver - Writing comprehension and excellent achievement

Michael - Super writing

Year 5

Pati - Thoughtful comments and mature contribution to circle time

Archie - Always relied upon for thoughtful comments

Kitty-Mae and Maisie - For an outstanding pieces of writing on The Highwayman

Teddy and Chelsea - really good participation in lessons this week

Henry - real focus on learning, especially since half term. Beautiful presentation in Geography

Year 4

Dana and Simone - Good involvement in all lessons and high quality responses orally and in written work

Charlie and Beth -Wrote a really good legend in guided reading. I was amazed that they wrote a whole story in a short reading session.Budding authors!

Amelia and Zack- Always hardworking and carrying on with their work. Great role models for the rest of the class.

Year 3

Lucy and River - Hardworking, listening, thinking about their learning.

Ted - For excellent writing

Beatrice - For the Big Write

Oscar, Emma and Emilie - ForImage Theatre Work




The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 12.05.17

Year 6

Martha - For her Maths and poem

Tierney - For excellent work in Maths

Lucie and Maddy - Great focus and concentration in Maths

Adam - Excellent effort and motivation in Maths

Lillie  - Great History effort

Madina - brilliant observation during History

Cameron - For great Maths work

Lewis - For his writing. Fabulous effort and work this week

Olivia - Showing great initiative

Year 5

Thomas and Emma - Tolerance of working with each other sensibly

Erin and Jack- For an outstanding attitude towards their learning

Christie, Lilly and Max - Great participation and involvement in lessons

Year 4

Alice - Excellent attitude to learning, asks for help and always tries hard

Joseph - Excellent attitude to learning and class work, insightful comments

Rebecca and Poppy - Both worked really well in writing this week. Planning and editing carefully and wrote really good letters

Year 3

Isabella - For really listening well and concentrating on her work until she has finished

Orla - For always doing the right thing

Eliza - Improved focus and challenging herself

Lucie - Thoughtful response to text about characterisation

Dylan - improved homework; acting on advice

Zara - Conscientious, works hard in all lessons



The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 05.05.17

Year 6

Holly and Darcy - History poems. Both have a positive attitude to school. Impeccable behaviour

Isobel - Showing kindness

Chloe and Archie - Poems of a very high quality and being supportive of others

Oliver - Showing kindness. Excellent short story

Joshua - Great Maths work

Maddy and Zahra - Excellent Maths work

Year 4

Jack - Perseverance in Maths

Josh - Showing expert knowledge about erosion in Geography

Lucia - Being polite and kind. A pleasure to teach

Aarush - Working really hard on times tables, practicing at home and a big improvement

Zarah - Always working hard and putting in best her best effort, kind and always helping classmates

Year 3

Alexandra - Always trying her hardest, sharing ideas with others

Louie - For trying very hard to concentrate and get on with work

Beatrice, Ted, Max and Finley - Fantastic effort in maths. 'I can do this' self belief and confidence

Emma and Jasmine -Great performance in poetry



The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 28.04.17

Year 6

Sam - For History

Lucie - SPAG trying so hard

Maddy - Attitude to learning

Dylan - Resilience in learning

Lewis, Phoebe and Olivia - High quality acrylic painting

Year 5

Aleya - Good partner working

Kiera - Super effort with learning and partner working

Poppy - For always working hard and producing her best effort in lessons

Maya - For outstanding attitude towards her learning

Ellen - For supporting others in her class

Madine - For Grammar

Year 4

Roisin - Has had a great year, always very polite and enthusiastic. Puts best effort into everything.

Jack - Having a mature attitude during the Swanage trip

William - Positive approach to Maths and challenging himself more

Ciaran - Always positive, bringing in his 'A@ game to everything we do. A super moral compass

Eden - Maths progress and achievement

Jessyka - For really persevering in Maths

Year 3

Orla and Jack - Positive attitude and perseverance in Maths lessons

Mickey - Always working hard, lovely presentations, always good manners

Zoya and Zuhair - For their contributions in RE that helped us all to learn in our lessons

Owen - Challenged himself. Felt really proud

Max - Growing in confidence. Asking questions improving learning

Sofia,Mohammed,Khadija and Jibran - Growing in confidence, asking questions to improve learning.







The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 21.04.17

Year 6

Lucas and James - For writing

Jake - Putting in real effort

Maite - Incredible reading aloud

Hermione - For Geography

Katherin - Great writing

Gemma - For Maths

Layla - For Edward Jenner work

Year 5

Mishi - Responsibility and completing Geography task

Archie - Focused. responsibility with learning

Jack - Really helped the teacher on the computer. Always respectful and well behaved when being taught.

Bea - Lots of enthusiasm and effort in all lessons

Alfie - Excellent listening and attention

Year 3

Isla - Really impressed the teacher by writing lots of fronted adverbial sentences in English. Always attentive and listens well.

Beatrice - Fantastic Maths

Oliver - Fantastic Maths

Sean - Taking responsibility for his learning

Ed - Super positive attitude acting on next steps.



The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 24.03.17

Year 6

Josh, Isobel and Hannah - For their poems

Jake - Excellent attitude to learning

Charlotte - For Maths

Year 5

To the whole of Year 5 for a great show!

Year 4

Archie - outstanding work in Geography

Eden - A real concerted effort in Maths, challenging herself, achieving well.

Finlay - Excellent effort and challenge in Maths

Olivia- Great listening skills and improvement in writing across the curriculum

Ben - Excellent in Cornet lessons

Anna - Great attitude to all her learning

Year 3

Isla - Hard working

Kaspian - Always being prepared and hardworking

Safiya - For super Maths work and always trying her best

Gracie - For super Limerick work

Emma and Jake - Comets efforts

Ananya and Oscar - Super learning

James, Shymali and Dylan - Maths and attitude to learning

Niamh and Kaspian - Plant sale



The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 10.02.17

Year 6

Lucas -Making a real effort with Maths

Henry - Making a real effort with Maths

Katherine - Great writing cross curricular

Lilly - Patience and perseverance working with others

Jake - Maths achievement and great effort with his English

Reyan - English writing

Eloise - showing more confidence

Year 5

Lauren - Outstanding effort in all subjects

Aaliyah - For outstanding writing

Evie and Alfie - Great enthusiasm and energy during performance poetry group  work

Lilly - Perseverance with spelling and Maths

Halimah - Perseverance with Maths and trying hard

Neve - Fantastic role model in Rockets, great team worker

Year 4

Harrison - Positive attitude and improved effort over the half term

Chloe, Chloe and Danielle - Fantastic persuasive speech about the messy classroom

William and Conor - Great effort and good contributions to whole class for our messy classroom big write

Year 3

Katie - Perseverance in Maths this week

Harry - Being kind and helpful to others

Max - For working hard during Maths intervention and reading more at home

Jack - Always gives 100% and always happy

Zara and Jasmine - Confidence and great Maths and English work this week

Kaspian - Fabulous Kaleidoscope and impressive use of scientific language

Joseph - Nominated by Conor for determination and self belief at Athletics tournament





The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 03.02.17

Year 6

Dominic - ICT expert, supporting others

Scarlett - Organisational skills

Liam - Amazing effort with handwriting

Adam - Great week in school

Georgia - English writing

Layla - Helpfulness

Year 5

Robert - For working hard in English

Naven - For outstanding commitment to her learning

Charlotte - For outstanding effort in Maths

Rhys - For persevering with challenging Maths and English

Teddy - For a determined positive attitude in English

Year 4

Archie - Real commitment and determination at Indoor athletics event

Alice - Hard working, reliant. A great person to be in class

Nishan - Great sportsmanship during indoor athletic.

Joe - Worked really hard this term on improving all his work and meeting his targets.

Year 3

Louise - Doing work at home whilst recovering at home

Orla - Always trying her best and becoming more confident

Oliver F - For working hard in English

Oliver C - For working hard in English

Sean - English and Handwriting

Stanley - For English



The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 20.01.17

Year 6

James and Farren - Excellent writing

Conor - Super writing

Libby - reading contributions

Jessica - Super ideas in writing. Pleasure to teach

Year 5

Jamie - such improvement in attitude , confidence and having a go

Deeyana - Great persuasive writing, good contribution to lesson, motivated learning

Jonah - For an improved attitude towards his learning

Liam - For showing perseverance and determination

Rachel - For taking her learning  on beyond the classroom

Year 4

Joseph and Isla - Consistent performance across all lessons and improvements to handwriting

Nathan - Improved attitude towards school and trying to write more independently.Perseverance against the norm

Samy and Tejane - Really good reading

Year 3

Philip - For making an improved effort with friendships

Cyan - For an improved effort with all work

Harmani - A good all rounder, positive attitude to learning.

Jaiden - For super Maths work with Fractions

Sarah - Super English work and concentration

Michael - Science contributions, concentration. Eco Councillor.







The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 13.01.17

Year 6

Noah and Isobel - Contributions to evolution learning

Ben and Liam - Contributions to Science and History

Caitlin - History contributions

Dylan - Very mature and looking out for early people

Maddy - Improvement in reading

Jack - English and Maths - working hard

Year 5

Sophie - Super attitude to learning, helpful to absent peers and supporting their learning

Lauren - Looking out for good learners, always working hard

Bella - For commitment to learning in Maths

Josh- For building links in History

Isabelle and Bella - Enthusiasm, asking and answering lots of questions in all lessons

Year 4

Emily - Patience with herself and others and perseverance with work

Brandon - Dedication to improve his handwriting

Carole - Gaining in confidence and contributions to class discussions

Anna and Zarah - Hard work in Maths as well as other lessons

Year 3

Zuhair - excellent powerpoint on volcanoes and helping others

Olivia - For working really hard on her powerpoint work

Jake - For always putting his hand up

Amy - For trying hard in Maths

Marshall and Neel- Growing confidence and participation and Music




The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 06.01.17

Year 6

Hannah and Lucie - DT, evaluating, persevering to solve problems

Eva and Eloise - Solving problems in DT without fuss

Phoebe and Sophie - DT, working systematically with precision and care

Grace and Peter -  Problem solving

Year 5

Amy and Alice - Fantastic Geography Map Skills and partner working.

Ella - For an outstanding piece of writing on how Santa really works

Josh - For dedication to learning

Veeksha and Safaa - For really developing your writing skills last term

Year 4

Jessyka - Really good settling to the new term and an amazing maze design

Danielle and Chloe - Always trying their best, great listening skills

Katie and Finlay - Always working hard in all lessons

Year 3

Zoya and Isabella - Hard working and always tries her best

Jack - For always trying his best and working hard

Safiyah - Trying her best and working hard

James - Choir and Christmas play contributions and no strikes

Charlie - Christmas play, gym contributions and having a dream/ambition - ballet.


The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 09.12.16

Year 6

Martha - Superb writing on complaint letter

Joshua - Writing ideas and attitude

Erin - Writing of high quality

Lily - Anti - Smoking poster

Cody - General improvement throughout the term

Lewis - Pleasure to teach

Year 5

Alice - Excellent piece of writing

Harvey - Fantastic effort with fractions in Maths

Maisie - Fantastic role model for her peers

Charlotte - outstanding effort in Maths

Bella - Determination to improve her writing

Georgia - Creative and imaginative ideas

Alec - Enthusiasm for improving his writing

Year 4

Alex and Lauren - Outstanding attitude to all aspects of rehearsing for Christmas Reproduction

Amber - Fantastic improvement in behaviour and attitude

Ben - Tae kwon do presentation and always contributing co class discussion

Ellena - Excellent effort in lessons especially English

Year 3

Rio and Oscar - For making excellent picture frames in DT

Mia - PowerPoint on Volcanoes

Jibraan - Always ready to learn. Good and positive attitude to learning.

Orla and Eduardo - Super hardworking members of class

The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 02.12.16



Tom - Enthusiastic and engaged guided reading

Ben - Superstar in Maths

Henry and George - Stood out in Art

Katherine- Amazing flair in writing

Thomas - Excellent work in Maths

Roxy- Effort in PE to include other children


Angelina - Super conscientious learning, always doing above the expected amount

Mishi - Trying hard in all lessons and spellings

Emma - Super conscientious learning

Kitty - For being outstanding and resilient in all aspects of her learning

Alec and Sakina - For a positive attitude to learning and a willingness to help others learn.


Simone and Arno - For positive attitude and effort

Grace - Great listening skills across all subjects.

Lilia - Fantastic effort with presentation of work. Handwriting.

Isla - Great work in Maths

Roisin - Put great effort in this week even when finding it tricky.


Emma - Super writing this week

Luke - Great perseverance

Ciara - For super work on our Fairytales topic

Sienna - For always trying her best

Emily - Cheerful member of class, diligent worker

Joshua - Contribution to our English and History lessons in particular.Persevering with challenges.







The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 25.11.16


Year 6

Mohammed - excellent complaint letter and anti bullying poster

Josh, Zack and Bertie - excellent questions and maturity

Erin - writing an excellent complaint letter

Jake - showing a growing love of Maths

Gemma - writing an excellent complaint letter

Zahra - great effort in Maths

Cameron - very mature interest in Science


Year 5

Robert - super scientist

Maya - great maths and confidence

Alice - trying really hard

Jack O'R-W - for having a fantastic week and settling into life in Larch Class

Nava and Hayleigh - for outstanding writing

Sam - for a determined effort to improve his hand writing and spelling

Rhys - involvement in group work, lots of enthusiasm

Chelsea - contributing lots of great ideas in lessons


Year 4

Josh - really listening to advice in English and making a real effort to do what is asked

Mollie and Manisha - achieve  in promoting harmony and helping peers with resources.

Oliver - improvement in concentration and trying his best and challenging himself

Luke and Lara - consistently working hard in all lessons

Joshua - always focused - trying hard to improve homework, growing in confidence n class

Emma - super Maths work, helps peers

Beatrice - trying her best all the time

Freddie - positive attitude to peers

Eva - happy and settled, super contribution to our learning in English and Maths

Jack - takes all challenges in his stride. Calm and considerate





The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for 18.11.16


Year 6

Farren - beautiful presentation in R.E

Maisie - perservered with long multiplication

Liam and Adam - for work in Science

Jack - for RM Maths

Maddy and Ruby - Maths effort and practise

Thomas  - excellent delivery of speech to audience

Lewis - mature attitude in PSHE


Year 5

Harvey - Super helpful and grown in confidence

Lilly - super effort with learning

Danielle and Maya - for super focus in all lessons

Noah - for working hard to be polite and use good manners

Bea, Isabelle and Poppy - for being supportive towards classmates and helping with their learning


Year 4

Harry - super work in Maths

Ashil - really listening well working hard and showing they are acting on his feedback

Nishan and Rhianna - super listening in all lessons

Aarush - big effort and improvement in his work

Ruby - more participation and confidence in class


Year 3

Ethan - super Maths across the board

Eliza - super English on 'How to make a good friend'

George - making real progress with concentrating on and contributing to our class work

Slava - all round star. Share her ideas, helps her teachers, extends her learning and always smiling


The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/c 14.10.16


Year 6

Maddie - sees things that need doing and does them. Very helpful

Bertie - Politeness all the time, naturally

Alexandra - sustained effort in all subjects

Layla and Grace - music help

Cameron - politeness


Year 5

Archie - super star - responds to a challenge and wants to extend his learning, always contributes sensibly to lessons.

Mei - good helpful advice to others in circle time using a polite manner.

Harriett  and Maisie - for outstanding attitude attitude towards her learning and school life.

Alice - lots of enthusiasm and interaction in lessons

Sophie - doing extra drawing practise at home to develop her skills.


Year 4

Sofia - great role model.

Alex and Matthew - cornet modelling

Chloe - fantastic labyrinth made at home.

Chloe - politeness

Rebecca and Amelia - consistently working hard and being excellent examples to the whole class.


Year 3

Micky - always polite and shows responsible attitude.

Shiv - superb work in maths and can always be relied upon to do the right thing.

Jasmine - fantastic manners and behaviour. Always ready to learn.

Ted - super Maths work

Sean - really trying hard in English and Maths. Not letting others distract him. Polite

Emilie - progressing her own learning in Maths by listening carefully  to teacher. Trying hard not to interrupt.



The following children have received the  Head Teacher's Award for w/c 7.10.16


Year 6

 Joshua and Ben - for working collaboratively on a poster during 'Distractions Day'.

Hermoine, Georgia and Maite - working together as a team.

Gemma - grown in confidence

Zac - modelling good writing skills


Year 5

Archie - always setting a good example for others in the class

Neve - working hard and showing a positive attitude towards her learning.

Kitty - for generating creative sentences in her 'Robin Hood' writing.

Lilla  - for fantastic work in her Maths.

Sam - a really positive attitude to learning and good focus in lessons.

Rachel - extending her learning by doing extra at home.


Year 4

Archie  - really positive attitude to learning, able to discuss/ accept good work and problems.

Niamh - consistent attitude and effort, listens carefully and works very hard.

Grace - super manners and always saying thank you!  Always willing to help around the classroom.

Joe - great work in English.

Freya - great effort in Maths.


Year 3

Isla - always ready to work, focussed and follows instructions.

Theo - has been a good friend and is supportive to his peers.

Harry - fantastic writing- Fables

Elise - fantastic attitude to learning.

Sarah - super learning in Maths and improved concentration.

Rowan - learning behaviour of the month - politeness. Calmly waits for help, speaks politely to all and good manner all the time.






The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the week ending 23.9.16


Year 6

Reyan & Kyaal - diligence in Maths taking a challenge and working hard at it

Hermoine & Toby - Diligence

Dylan - science effort/ having a go/ concentration

Lewis - Science mind map

Cody - Maths - extra  effort


Year 5

Harvey - attitude to learning, excellent Maths homework

Mishi - consideration for other , helping  others with their work and producing high level of work in all subjects

Hayleigh & Joe - for outstanding commitment toward their learning

Holly - always focused on her learning, good listening in lessons

Sam P - really keen and focussed this week


Year 4


Callan - really sticking with Maths work, good resilience and effort in pushing himself

Mollie - helping others learning by checking resources. Working really diligently

Oliver - fantastic contributions to Maths/English

Lilia-Grace - not giving up on work which  she found difficult

Samy - excellent effort in his work

Zack - excellent effort in poetry and guided reading


Year 3

River & Alexandra - excellent listening to instructions in ICT

Khadija - always trying in Maths

Lasen - always ready to work

Alfie - challenging himself /independent learning

Ethan - good listener/excellent learning









The following children have received the Head Teacher's award for the week ending 16.9.16

Year 6

Jag  - for being great company and genuinely appreciative.


Year 5

Sophie  - super supportive to another child and concientious

Amy - fun response in guided reading and maths decimals

Erin - outstanding work ethic

Jake - outstanding and work ethic

Bea - for keeping going when the Maths got tricky

Sam V - for being really helpful and listening well to instructions


Year 4

Harrison - good learning and work in Reading and Maths

Jack - showing great learning behaviour

Kimberly & Finlay - Perseverance. Great attitude to approaching difficult learning. Staying in at break to finish off work

Connor & Ahmed - always working hard during lessons and doing more than necessary


Year 3

Charlie & Charlie - for excellent effort in ICT and sharing their knowledge and skills

Samantha - for fantastic work in Maths and great listening skills

Max - for always trying his best

Naomi - being a good friend and role model

Emma - constantly challenging herself and stretching her learning

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