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Head Teacher's Award

The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 10.02.17

Year 6

Lucas -Making a real effort with Maths

Henry - Making a real effort with Maths

Katherine - Great writing cross curricular

Lilly - Patience and perseverance working with others

Jake - Maths achievement and great effort with his English

Reyan - English writing

Eloise - showing more confidence

Year 5

Lauren - Oustanding effort in all subjects

Aaliyah - For outstanding writing

Evie and Alfie - Great enthusiasm and energy during performance poetry group  work

Lilly - Perseverance with spelling and Maths

Halimah - Perseverance with Maths and trying hard

Neve - Fantastic role model in Rockets, great team worker

Year 4

Harrison - Positive attitude and improved effort over the half term

Chloe, Chloe and Danielle - Fantastic persuasive speech about the messy classroom

William and Conor - Great effort and good contributionsto whole class for our messy classroon big write

Year 3

Katie - Peseverance in Maths this week

Harry - Being kind and helpful to others

Max - For working hard during Maths intervention and reading more at home

Jack - Always gives 100% and always happy

Zara and Jasmine - Confidence and great Maths and English work this week

Kaspian - Fabulous Kaleidoscope and impressive use of scientific language

Joseph - Nominated by Conor for determination and self belief at Athletics tournament





The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 03.02.17

Year 6

Dominic - ICT expert, supporting others

Scarlett - Organisational skills

Liam - Amazing effort with handwriting

Adam - Great week in school

Georgia - English writing

Layla - Helpfulness

Year 5

Robert - For working hard in English

Naven - For outstanding commitment to her learning

Charlotte - For outstanding effort in Maths

Rhys - For persevering with challenging Maths and English

Teddy - For a dtetermine, positive attitude in English

Year 4

Archie - Real commitment and determination at Indoor athletics event

Alice - Hard working, reliant. A great person to be in class

Nishan - Great sportsmanship during indoor athletic.

Joe - Worked really hard this term on improving all his work and meeting his targets.

Year 3

Louise - Doing work at home whilst recovering at home

Orla - Always trying her best and becoming more confident

Oliver F - For working hard in English

Oliver C - For working hard in English

Sean - English and Handwriting

Stanley - For English



The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 20.01.17

Year 6

James and Farren - Excellent writing

Conor - Super writing

Libby - reading contributions

Jessica - Super ideas in writing. Pleasure to teach

Year 5

Jamie - such improvement in attitude , confidence and having a go

Deeyana - Great persuasive writing, good contribution to lesson, motivaated leadning

Jonah - For an improved attitude towards his learning

Liam - For showing peseverqance and determination

Rachel - For taking her learning  on beyond the classroom

Year 4

Joseph and Isla - Consistent performance across all lessons and improvements to handwriting

Nathan - Improved attitude towards school adn trying to write more independently.Perseverance against the norm

Samy and Tejane - Really good reading

Year 3

Philip - For making an improved effort with friendships

Cyan - For an improved effort with all work

Harmani - A good all rounder, posistive attitude to elarning.

Jaiden - For super Maths work with Fractions

Sarah - Super English work and concentration

Michael - Science contributions, concentration. Eco Councillor.







The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 13.01.17

Year 6

Noah and Isobel - Contributions to evolution learning

Ben and Liam - Contributions to Science and History

Caitlin - History contributions

Dylan - Very mature and looking out for early people

Maddy - Improvement in reading

Jack - English and Maths - working hard

Year 5

Sophie - Super attitude to learning, helpfulto absent peers and supporting their learning

Lauren - Looking out for good laeerners, always working hard

Bella - For commitment to learning in Maths

Josh- For building links in History

Isabelle and Bella - Enthusiasm, asking and answering lots of questions in all lessons

Year 4

Emily - Patience with herself and others and peseverance with work

Brandon - Dedication to improve his handwriting

Carole - Gaining in confidence and contributions to class discussions

Anna and Zarah - Hardwork in Maths as well as other lessons

Year 3

Zuhair - excellent powerpoint on volcanoes and helping others

Olivia - For working really hard on her powerpoint work

Jake - For always putting his hadn up

Amy - For trying hard in Maths

Marshall and Neel- Growing confidence and participation and Music




The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 06.01.17

Year 6

Hannah and Lucie - DT, evalutating, peservering to solve problems

Eva and Eloise - Spolving problems in DT without fuss

Phoebe and Sophie - DT, working systematically with precision and care

Grace and Peter -  Problem solving

Year 5

Amy and Alice - Fantastic Geography Map Skills and partner working.

Ella - For an outstanding piece of writing on how Santa really works

Josh - For dedication to learning

Veeksha and Safaa - For really developing your writing skills last term

Year 4

Jessyka - Really good settling to the new term and an amazing maze design

Danielle and Chloe - Always trying their best, great listening skills

Katie and Finlay - Always working hard in all lessons

Year 3

Zoya and Isabella - Hard working and always tries her best

Jack - For always trying his best and working hard

Safiyah - Trying her best and working hard

James - Choir and Christmas play contributions and no strikes

Charlie - Christmas play, gym contributions and having a dream/ambition - ballet.


The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 09.12.16

Year 6

Martha - Superb writing on complaint letter

Joshua - Writing ideaas and attitude

Erin - Writing of high quality

Lily - Anti - Smoking poster

Cody - General improvement throughout the term

Lewis - Pleasure to teach

Year 5

Alice - Excellent piece of writing

Harvey - Fantastic effort with fractions in Maths

Maisie - Fantastic role model for her peers

Charlotte - outstanding effort in Maths

Bella - Determination to improve her writing

Georgia - Creative and imaginative ideas

Alec - Enthusiasm for improving his writing

Year 4

Alex and Lauren - Outstanding attitude to all aspects of rehearsing for Christmas Reproduction

Amber - Fantastic improvement in behaviour and attitude

Ben - Taekwondo presentation and always contributing co class discussion

Ellena - Excellent weffort in lessons especially English

Year 3

Rio and Oscar - For making excellent picture frames in DT

Mia - PowerPoint on Volcanoes

Jibraan - Always ready to learn. Good and positive attitude to learning.

Orla and Eduardo - Super hardworking members of class

The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 02.12.16



Tom - Enthusiastic and engaged guided reading

Ben - Superstar in Maths

Henry and George - Stood out in Art

Katherine- Amazing flair in writing

Thomas - Excellent work in Maths

Roxy- Effort in PE to include other children


Angelina - Super conscientious learning,always doign above the expected amount

Mishi - Trying hard in all lessons and spellings

Emma - Super conscientious learning

Kitty - For being outstanding and resilient in all aspects of her learning

Alec and Sakina - For a positive attitude to learning and a willingness to help others learn.


Simone and Arno - For positive attitude and effort

Grace - Great listening skills across all subjects.

Lilia - Fantastic effort with presentation of work. Handwriting.

Isla - Great work in Maths

Roisin - Put great effort in this eeek even when finding it tricky.


Emma - Super writing this week

Luke - Great perseverance

Ciara - For super work on our Fairytales topic

Sienna - For always tring her best

Emily - Cheerful member of class, diligent worker

Joshua - Contribution to our English and History lessons in particular.Persevering with challenges.







The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/e 25.11.16


Year 6

Mohammed - excellent complaint letter and anti bullying poster

Josh, Zack and Bertie - excellent questions and maturity

Erin - writing an excellent complaint letter

Jake - showing a growing love of Maths

Gemma - writing an excellent complaint letter

Zahra - great effort in Maths

Cameron - very mature interest in Science


Year 5

Robert - super scientist

Maya - great maths and confidence

Alice - trying really hard

Jack O'R-W - for having a fantastic week and settling into life in Larch Class

Nava and Hayleigh - for outstanding writing

Sam - for a determined effort to improve his hand writing and spelling

Rhys - involvement in group work, lots of enthusiasm

Chelsea - contributing lots of great ideas in lessons


Year 4

Josh - really listening to advice in English and making a real effort to do what is asked

Mollie and Manisha - achieve  in promoting harmony and helpin peers with resources.

Oliver - improvement in concentration and trying his best and challenging himself

Luke and Lara - consistently working hard in all lessons

Joshua - always focused - trying hard to improve homework, growing in confidence n class

Emma - super Maths work, helps peers

Beatrice - trying her best all the time

Freddie - positive attitude to peers

Eva - happy and settled, super contribution to our learning in English and Maths

Jack - takes all challenges in his stride. Calm and considerate





The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for 18.11.16


Year 6

Farren - beautiful presentation in R.E

Maisie - perservered with long multiplication

Liam and Adam - for work in Science

Jack - for RM Maths

Maddy and Ruby - Maths effort and practise

Thomas  - excellent delivery of speech to audience

Lewis - mature attitude in PSHE


Year 5

Harvey - Super helpful and grown in confidence

Lilly - super effort with learning

Danielle and Maya - for super focus in all lessons

Noah - for working hard to be polite and use good manners

Bea, Isabelle and Poppy - for being supportive towards classmates and helping with their learning


Year 4

Harry - super work in Maths

Ashil - really listening well working hard and showing they are acting on his feedback

Nishan and Rhianna - super listening in all lessons

Aarush - big effort and improvement in his work

Ruby - more participation and confidence in class


Year 3

Ethan - super Maths across the board

Eliza - super English on 'How to make a good frend'

George - making real progress with concentrating on and contributing to our class work

Slava - all roung star. Share her ideas, helps her teachers, extends her learning and always smiling


The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the w/c 14.10.16


Year 6

Maddie - sees things that need doing and does them. Very helpful

Bertie - Politeness all the time, naturally

Alexandra - sustained effort in all subjects

Layla and Grace - music help

Cameron - politeness


Year 5

Archie - super star - responds to a challenge and wants to extend his learning, always contributes sensibly to lessons.

Mei - good helpful advice to others in circle time using a polite manner.

Harriett  and Maisie - for outstanding attitude attitude towards her learning and school life.

Alice - lots of enthusiasm and interaction in lessons

Sophie - doing extra drawing practise at home to develop her skills.


Year 4

Sofia - great role model.

Alex and Matthew - cornet modelling

Chloe - fantastic labyrinth made at home.

Chloe - politeness

Rebecca and Amelia - consistently working hard and being excellent examples to the whole class.


Year 3

Micky - always polite and shows responsible attitude.

Shiv - superb work in maths and can always be relied upon to do the right thing.

Jasmine - fantastic manners and behaviour. Always ready to learn.

Ted - super Maths work

Sean - really trying hard in English and Maths. Not letting others distract him. Polite

Emilie - progressing her own learning in Maths by listening carefully  to teacher. Trying hard not to interrupt.



The following children have received the  Head Teacher's Award for w/c 7.10.16


Year 6

 Joshua and Ben - for working collaboratively on a poster during 'Distractions Day'.

Hermoine, Georgia and Maite - working together as a team.

Gemma - grown in confidence

Zac - modelling good writing skills


Year 5

Archie - always setting a good example for others in the class

Neve - working hard and showing a positive attitude towards her learning.

Kitty - for generating creative sentences in her 'Robin Hood' writing.

Lilla  - for fantastic work in her Maths.

Sam - a really positive attitude to learning and good focus in lessons.

Rachel - extending her learning by doing extra at home.


Year 4

Archie  - really positive attitude to learning, able to discuss/ accept good work and problems.

Niamh - consistent attitude and effort, listens carefully and works very hard.

Grace - super manners and always saying thank you!  Always willing to help around the classroom.

Joe - great work in English.

Freya - great effort in Maths.


Year 3

Isla - always ready to work, focussed and follows instructions.

Theo - has been a good friend and is supportive to his peers.

Harry - fantastic writing- Fables

Elise - fantastic attitude to learning.

Sarah - super learning in Maths and improved concentration.

Rowan - learning behaviour of the month - politeness. Calmly waits for help, speaks politely to all and good manner all the time.






The following children have received the Head Teacher's Award for the week ending 23.9.16


Year 6

Reyan & Kyaal - diligence in Maths taking a challenge and working hard at it

Hermoine & Toby - Dilligence

Dylan - science effort/ having a go/ concentration

Lewis - Science mind map

Cody - Maths - extra  effort


Year 5

Harvey - attitude to learning, excellent Maths homework

Mishi - consideration for other , helping  others with their work and producing high level of work in all subjects

Hayleigh & Joe - for outstanding commitment toward their learning

Holly - always focused on her learning, good listening in lessons

Sam P - really keen and focussed this week


Year 4


Callan - really sticking with Maths work, good resilience and effort in pushing himself

Mollie - helping others learning by checking resources. Working really diligently

Oliver - fantastic contributions to Maths/English

Lilia-Grace - not giving up on work which  she found difficult

Samy - excellent effort in his work

Zack - excellent effort in poetry and guided reading


Year 3

River & Alexandra - excellent listening to instructions in ICT

Khadija - always trying in Maths

Lasen - always ready to work

Alfie - challenging himself /independent learning

Ethan - good listener/excellent learning









The following children have received the Head Teacher's award for the week ending 16.9.16

Year 6

Jag  - for being great company and genuinely appreciative.


Year 5

Sophie  - super supportive to another child and concientious

Amy - fun response in guided reading and maths decimals

Erin - outstanding work ethic

Jake - outstanding and work ethic

Bea - for keeping going when the Maths got tricky

Sam V - for being really helpful and listening well to instructions


Year 4

Harrison - good learning and work in Reading and Maths

Jack - showing great learning behaviour

Kimberly & Finlay - Perseverance. Great attitude to approaching difficult learning. Staying in at break to finish off work

Connor & Ahmed - always working hard during lessons and doing more than necessary


Year 3

Charlie & Charlie - for excellent effort in ICT and sharing their knowledge and skills

Samantha - for fantastic work in Maths and great listening skills

Max - for always trying his best

Naomi - being a good friend and role model

Emma - constantly challenging herself and stretching her learning

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